Khz Beatport


“As You Wonder … I Create!”

What started off as merely a dream has turned into a reality for this young vinyl slinger. Ever since a young age Matt has been interested in music, having played Bass guitar in a rock band in Primary and High School, Matt discovered the world of Dance music and was an instant fan and convert. Leaving the band behind to follow a new found passion in the world of beat’s and bass drums, Matt used to ritually attend clubs on average 4 nights a week and the enjoyment of dance music quickly evolved into; the want to be involved. From the want, he started collecting some funds and quickly got himself a set of equipment and began practicing. Day in and Day out Matt spent hours in front of the Turntables, trying his heart out to get it right. He succeeded and was able to call himself a Bedroom DJ.

Every day, in front of family and friends Matt played his heart out and would never get despondent when the neighbors complained.

After approximately a year of being resident in his bedroom, Matt took the big step. He started playing at Venues. Under the guide and help of Nick Fiction, Matt secured his first public set at the first ever Pornstar Patty being put on by Nick Fiction. Having the privilege of closing for Marc Chase and playing alongside the likes of Raj and Nick Fiction. Matt was truly lucky to be given this break.

He quickly progressed in style and secured himself a couple more set’s at lesser known house parties. He refined his style even more and managed to secure himself a set at a party called “Get With The Program”, Playing alongside James G. DJ Syren both residents at E5P Nightclub and other names such as; Eon, S-K-P. Matt had found himself the break that he had been hoping for!

From there, he played at the next Pornstar party again closing for Marc Chase, but had also had the opportunity of discovering Progressive House, which up till this time; Matt had only played Trance & Hard Trance.

Matt then got involved at Nexus Night club and with the help of James G. managed to attain a guest slot there. After playing a satisfactory set Matt managed to secure himself a set at a Slippery & Wet, which is a party synonymous with public holidays, also being held at Nexus Nightclub. With a few more guest slots at Nexus and it’s evolution to ESP Saturday Nights held at Nexus, Matt earned an invite to play for ESP in there night held up in Warmbaths where they were challenged by Roach Culture.

Matt and friend, DJ & Producer Lloyd went into a partnership and started up a site called Next On The Decks, where they offer up & coming DJ’s a platform to get themselves heard and exposed to the DJ’ing world. James G. joined the team with Matt & Lloyd. Giving NOTD a bigger presence in the market. Partnerships with the likes of MrSpencer, DJ Lounge & Lectrodecktus DJ Competition make sure that NOTD has firm foundations. NOTD has had the success of having given two extremely talented DJ’s there break into the scene, namely: Missred & Paul Bingham.

Matt has the ability to adapt himself into any environment needed to play in, and can safely say he has matured his sound to its finest point. Now playing strictly Progressive House and Trance. Matt has pushed his boundaries even further then before.

A recent team up with Andre from The Grim brothers, has seen a possible revolution in the Dance scene, combining the Vocal elements from Andre’s style with the more Uplifting and Tech-Trance style of Matt. Also with Mart’s influence, Andre has begun playing Progressive House as well, and forms part of a party inducing trio; James G, Andre & Matt.

With more recent parties under his belt held recently, Matt has developed himself into a true professional.