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San Francisco, United States

Breaks, Psy-Trance

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Khromata, aka Eileen Lewis, is a DJ with an enduring affinity for psychedelic electronic music, particularly full-on psytrance and psybreaks. Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, where she was first exposed to the realms of psychedelic electronic music in the late 90s, she now resides in Northern California where she has since been spreading her signature sound of funky, fun, and always psychedelic tunes.

Khromata has been part of the Northern California trance family since she moved to the U.S in 2002. Being deeply passionate about the music, it was a natural progression in her musical evolution to finally start DJing in 2010. After some hard work and dedication, she soon began playing her brand of funky full-on psychedelic trance. Due to her love for breakbeats, she soon discovered a natural attraction to the burgeoning world of modern psybreaks.

Khromata has played events such as the How Weird Street Faire, Psymbolic, the Monterey Beach Burn, Gemini Dreams, LaborDance, Pulse Family Gathering, Crystallize in Colorado, and at numerous other clubs, outdoors and undergrounds across the state, as well as radio appearances on Nubreaks and NSBradio. She is affiliated with Pulse SF, Galaxy Unknown Records, and Vibrant Freqs.

Booking inquiries:

Khromata at pulsepartysf dot com

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