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Khristian K

Budapest, Hungary


Concepto Hipnotico, Deep In Dub, Deep Vibrations
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released by: Lucidflow, Naked Lunch, What Now Becomes, Kaputt Musik, Mussen Project Records, Gastspiel, Deepindub, Attary, Im-moral, Wavetech Music, Quanticman Records, Schall Netlabel, Miniatura, Packed Music, Hypnotic Room, Tannhauser, Picknik Recordings, Perfect Session Records, Parallel 125, Mixotic and more..

supported/charted/played by: Danny Tenaglia, Nadja Lind, Estroe, Alexi Delano, Steve Parker, Brickman, Daniel Sanchez, Slam, Brothers Vibe, Slownoise, Doyeq, Splatter, Steve Stoll, Lemon8, James What, Rich Jones, Subfractal, Riccicomoto, Maurizio Miceli, Dj Sylvie, Fromwood, Monocraft, Paco Osuna, Dr.Nojoke, Andrew Grant, Hermanez, Jeff Keenan, Damolh33, Alland Byallo…

Think that I am a human being.