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Hi-Bias Records, Kingdom Of Music, Tiger Records
Khetama Beatport



Mastermind-producer behind the chartbreaking projects

( Whizzkids , Lissat & Khetama)

Starting his career in the end of the eighties early nineties, influenced by the early hip house and acid tunes, Khetama quickly established himself in the upgrowing clubscene.

If you..d ask him how he would describe his sound, he..d definitely say: HOUSE MUSIC!!!

His latest releases “Whizzkids feat Inusa Dawuda – Rumours (Digi Digi) / Tiger Records – Kontor” and “Lissat & Khetama – Imagination / Blanco Y Negro”, reached top positions in official charts world wide (Russia 1, Turkey 1, Ukraine 1, Argentina 5, Spain 9, Serbia 3, Albania 1…)

“Whizzkids…(Digi Digi)”, which claims to be THE SUMMER ANTHEM 2009, is now for more than 40 weeks in russian charts and is licensed to more than 28 countries worldwide…

Through the years Khetama got to play different countries like UK, Spain, France, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia…, played residencies at famous clubs like

TRIBEHOUSE, DOCKLAND,TRESOR, WAREHOUSE and was playing on big events like LOVEPARADE (1993, 1997, 2000, 2007 and 2008), NATURE ONE, NOTTINGHILL CARNIVAL or RUHR IN LOVE

..till now Khetama produced more than 50 records and did collobarations with famous producers like GARRY BARLOW and HOWARD DONALD (Take That). He also did remixes for famous labels like MINISTRY OF SOUND, HI BIAS, DEFINTIVE RECORDS, TOOLROOM RECORDS

Actually he just released the followup for “Whizzkids… Digi Digi”:

“Whizzkids feat. Inusa – Rub-A-Dub Girl / Tiger Records – Kontor” and is working on a new single for “Lissat & Khetama” for Blanco y Negro


DJ Khetama – “Jungle Force” – Hyper House Records 019

DJ Khetama – “Virtual Orgasm” – Hyper Hype Records 046

DJ Khetama – “Guardian EP” – Hyper Hype Records 096

DJ Khetama – “Green Flow” – Time Unlimited 039

DJ Khetama – “Welt Von Morgen” – Time Unlimited 048

DJ Khetama – “Green Flow Rmx“” – Time Unlimited 062

DJ Khetama “Natural Fallout” – Time Unlimited 074

DJ Khetama – “Rotation” – Time Unlimite

DJ Khetama – “This Music” – Time Unlimited 084

DJ Khetama – “Club Works LP” – Time Unlimited 087

GFD & DJ Khetama – “Lost World” – Kennziffer

Jim Jam – “Placebo EP” – Taach Records

Membran – “Do You Love Me (Phasers On Stun Rmx)” – EastWest Records

K2 – “Rock Island” – Spacefunk Rec. / UKKhetama – “Junky Town” – Spacefunk Rec. / UK

Khetama Feat. Rose – “Stand Up” – Spacefunk Rec. / UK, Dockland Records

Khetama – “Feelings” – Spacefunk Rec. / UK, Dockland Records

Khetama – “Find A Way” – Spacefunk Rec. / UK, Dockland Records

Mad Scientists – “Da Music” – Dockland Records

Creative Primates – “Davids Party” – Creative Primate Records

H.A.N.Z. Feat. LA Williams – “Shake” – Clubstar Rec

H.A.N.Z. & DJ Khetama With Howard Donald – “Take Control” – Clubstar Rec.

Boundless 2 – Azoto Music 001

Creative Primates – Floorfiller 007

20th Finger – “Mistakes / Round And Round” – Sureplayer Black 001

Solid Session – “Justify / I Feel” – White

20th Finger “Skin Up” – Creative Primate Traxxx 001 Test

20th Finger – “Better Off Alone” Feat. Lilly – Creative Primate Traxxx 001

20th Finger – “March” – Creative Primate Traxxx 002

The Whizz Kiddz – "Games People Play” – Creative Primate Traxxx 003

Creative Primates – “Escape” Instrumental – Creative Primate Traxxx 004

Africano – “Jiiganaan / Creative Primates Mix” – Ubanikhaya Rec.

Madmud feat. Chilie – “Sexy Popcorn/ Creative Primates Mix” – Silicon Valley Rec

Laptop Dancers – “Music Machine/ Creative Primates Mix” – Montblanc Rec.

Lissat&Khetama – “Come in my box” – Opaque Records

Lissat&Voltaxx feat. Betty Bizzare – /Creative Primates Mix"-Toolroom Records

Lissat&Voltaxx feat. Cybersissy – /Creative Primates Mix"-Funky Chicken Records

Menck&Lissat – “Let me see you work it/Creative Primates Mix” Definitive Records

Lissat&Voltaxx – “House Music All Night Long/Khetama & Creative Primates Mixes”- Ministry of Sound

O..Move Feat Roy Orbit – “Sex You Up/Khetama & Creative Primates Mixes”

Khetama&Lissat – “Imagination” – Matinee Rec.

Khetama&Lissat – “Imagination” – Demeneaour Rec. (with Nils van Gogh & Daniel Strauss Mix)

Whizzkids feat. Inusa Dawuda – “Rumours / Digi Digi” – Tiger (available now @ Musicload, Beatport etc.)

Whizzkids feat. Inusa Dawuda – “Rub-A-Dub Girl” – Tiger (available now @ Musicload, Beatport etc.)