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Khaan’s interest in electronic music began in young years, when he was already affected by the rhythm of Rn’B, HipHop and Soul. Enthusiasm for electronic music grew constantly.

It did not take long until the first tape was in the tape deck and he at this time legendary Live Sets of Steve Mason were being taped. Those tapes became a nice little collection. Meanwhile the interest was so big and got more progressive and trance-orientated, that the first visits on parties were due.

Accumulating party going from week to week, Khaan got to know more and more people, some of them became good friends, who would inspire him to much more in the future. Sitting around with those friends, amongst others famous DJs Oliver Hess and Siland, Khaan fooled around with some turntables and found out, that he had a certain talent, which came as a kind of surprise.

On his opinion it was worth it, to enhance his talent and work on it. It did not take long until he had his own techniques to perfect hints and tricks, which his friends Olli and Siland committed to him. Said and done.

He bought an endless range of records, that he turned and turned on his turntables, no end in sight. Soon his first gig in Cologne followed. An open air event which became a huge success. What he did not know was, that there would be much more occasions and events, where he could prove his skills, talent and intuition for music.

The guys from ‘Most Wanted Media’, who amongst others dominate the house scene in town, soon kept an eye on Khaan and made him the resident of Cologne’s famous After Hour at the Teatro. It should not just be the Sundays at the Teatro, so very soon the crowd was pleased by his sounds at well-known clubs in Cologne, such as Nachtflug, Diamonds, El Divino, Bootshaus etc.

Also Düsseldorf’s public soon got its taste of Khaan. His first gig in Düsselorf in March 2006 was placed at HOME 14.

More bookings followed, so the first gig must have been pleasant to the organizers. Concerning the future, Khaan has high aims and high hopes, which are all not unrealizable, because he is an ambitious, strong-minded and determined kind of guy. It is certain that we will get to hear a lot of and about him in the future.