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Keyone Keyz Sellers started off as a house dj for about 2 years, but djing wasnt enough. He wanted to get more out of music then just blending other artist productions and compositions. Keyz wanted to capture all aspects that appealed to him of influencial artists such as Dj Bam Bam, Laidback Luke, Deadmua5, Steve Agello, and Robbie Rivera and then combine these sounds, but not in a typical djing and blending fashion.

Keyz wanted to take the time to create music and learn all the technical aspects of sound, such as the low frequency and the high frequency, etc. In order to maximize these skills, Keyz majored in audio productions while simultaneously producing/composing music. This work furthered the development of his unique talent but was not enough to satiate his hunger for sound.

Keyz was not content with the loss of creativity that results from many contemporary styles. He left school, but integrated the knowledge he gained

from this experience with his own personal style. During the proceeding year Keyz dedicated his time to honing his skills through his own productions with varying music and sound, while also listening to and adapting to different music.

Keyz recognized that sucess and talent come not from formal education but from within, through experience, natural rhythm, dedication, passion, and drive. Keyz embodies all of these aspects, which have led to his growing sucess and recognition within the industry. Keyz has kept Chicago nightlife hot at venues including Vane, Wet, and Martini Ranch.

Throughout his life, Keyz has been a visual artist. He is developing a name for himself and truly deserves it. WELCOME TO THE KEYONE KEYZ SELLERS PAGE!