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Kevin Yost

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Kevin Yost has become one of the most influential electronic music producers of the past five years. A contemporary master of jazz fusion, he was responsible for creating “One Starry Night”, thought of by many as one of the top ten house records of the past decade. His debut album of the same name topped 50,000 units in sales ands gained him global recognition as a supreme DJ/Producer.

Kevin Yost, keyboardist, percussionist, producer & worldwide DJ. Not too shabby for a guy from a town with a population of less than 6000 people.

Hailing from Waynesboro, PA, Kevin developed an early interest in the world of music. Stimulated by percussion and drums, he quickly grew fond of jazz music and was heavily influenced by the likes of Chuck Mangione and Miles Davis. In his teens he discovered dance music thru the sounds of 1980 electro and hip- hop. From such Kevin continued his interest in music and pursued it in a high school for the arts.

His own unique blend of jazz influences developed in the early 90’s when he began experimenting with different flavors of acid jazz. Working harder and harder to develop a style that mixed jazz and house he looked for a label support in 1996. From such, he worked on various remixes for i! Records (NJ) as well as a variety of original material for what was to become his jazz/house fusion sound. Spurred by this i! Records pursued him to take the music to another level.

This grew into an association with Guidance Records (Chicago) and a release entitled “Unprotected Sax”. With the unique success of this EP, Kevin wanted the sound he was creating to feature a new formula. What he came up was an EP called "Night of a 1000 Drums (IR128). It release on i! in early 1997 opened a door to and gave focue to Kevin Yost the artist. This EP featured what many have called the best house record of that year, “One Starry Night” . Its blend of Caribbean influenced percussion and jazz improvisation make it no less than a classic.

The record also featured Kevin’s retro based AKY Funk & and Stuff and another keyboard extravaganza entitled A Hip on You. Soon after this release Kevin developed the “Dawn Approaches EP”. This EP highlighted Kevins experimentation with strong percussive elements and progressive keyboard textures. In all it proved to be quite extraordinary and spawned the hit “Spring Again”. This was soon followed up with his most unique record to date, The Stick & Stones EP. A four tracker that proved a mind blending merger of jazz and progressive electronica.

Mr. Yost has also proved to be quite the remixer developing unique reworks and new versions of records for Sony, Polygram, MCA & Virgin. Included in such are his powerful remix on the Kodo Drummers “The Hunted”, and a very notable remix of EBTG “Five Fathoms”. While his current schedule provides little time for much else other than producing, Kevin still enjoys following his DJ-ing roots and he has been a featured DJ spinning at venues in all over the world.

The record also featured Kevins retro based “KY Funk & and Stuff” and another keyboard extravaganza entitled “Hip on You”. Soon after this release Kevin developed the Dawn Approaches EP in which he began to add the flavor of progressive keyboard textures. Again it proved to be quite extraordinary. This was followed up with his most unique record to date,“The Stick & Stones EP”. A four tracker that proved a mind blending merger of jazz and progressive house.

Kevins has also proved to be quite the remixer developing unique reworks and new versions of records for Sony and Polygram. Amongst which is his dramatic work on Japans Kodo Drummers and Josh Winks “6th Sense”, and his more jazz based groove is featured on a Go Discs release entitled “Daddys Favorite” . Remixing all culminated in the year 1999 when Kevin’s skills were shown to the world with his remixes of Everything But The Girl’s “Five Fathoms” and Eric Clapton’s “I Get Lost”

His already eponymous album “One Starry Night” brought him into the stage of the most important house musicians and producers of all time, and in 2004, his new release Bongo Madness is providing evidence of his multi faceted talent, defining the direction of avant-garde jazz-house music. But he is giving a major step ahead in his career as a virtuoso jazz composer and superstar with his new project. The Kevin Yost Group, which will be touring all around he world in 2005, Kevins own indisputable year