Top 50k on The DJ List

Kevin Graves

Brooklyn, United States


Kevin Graves Beatport


An early love of great music is what brought Kevin Graves to the studio and DJ booth. Training, dedication and natural talent are what keep him there. Revered as a true musical tastemaker in New York, Kevin has the prestigious honor of being the youngest DJ to hold court at Cielo, home to Francois K and winner of the DanceStar USA Award for Best Club Venue. Scores of fans religiously tune in each month to hear Kevin’s seamless mix talents and acclaimed song selection via his Sirius Satellite radio show on Area 33’s Roc Project FleXset.

In the studio Kevin is celebrated as a writer (RIZE, co-written by Kevin and DJ Lars under their Machine City moniker, appears on System Recording’s Clublife 6 compilation); producer (Joi Cardwell tapped Kevin and co-producer SuZen for her EXTRAORDINARY WORLD); and remixer (Kevin’s mix of the Scissor Sister’s MUNGKY BABY has created a huge stir with enthusiastic thumbs up from Jake Shears and the band).

In the DJ booth Kevin is hugely sought-after thanks to his deft opening skills, peak night command and smooth closing touch. He has helmed the decks at Crobar with top DJs Pete Tong, Fergie, and Ray Roc. At Spirit he was awarded the coveted opening slot for #7 DJ Mag jock Hernan Cattaneo. And when Madonna called for a trusted DJ to spin her Re:Invention tour after-party, only Kevin would do.

So why exactly is Kevin Graves being championed in clubs, over airwaves and on so many iPods worldwide? Quite simply he brings a unique voice to music with his unmatched professionalism, unprecedented passion and an unparalleled magic touch. GOLDEN EARS, indeed.

A portion of his accomplishments include:

Venues: Brite, Cielo, Crash Mansion, Crobar, Discotheque, Guernica, Jade, Opaline, Opus 22, Plaid, Remi, Serena, Spirit

Remixes: IF YOU DONT KNOW ME BY NOW – Aubrey (#4 Billboard); MUNGKY BABY – Scissor Sisters; THE VULTURE – Tiger Stripes (#2 DJ Magazine)

Production/Arrangement: EXTRAORDINARY WORLD – Digital Zen feat. Joi Cardwell; TEMPTED TO TOUCH (Ray Roc Remix) – Rupee

Production/Writing: INTRO – Kevin Graves; DONT LOOK BACK – Kevin Graves; RIZE – Machine City (Kevin Graves/DJ Lars)