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Kervyn Mark

New York, United States


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DJ Kervyn Mark has been spinning since the mid seventies. The Mark family held party fundraisers for a political party in the West Indian isle of Grenada to oust the dictator Prime Minister Eric Matthew Gairy at the basement of their home. A usual number of 300-350 patrons attended the fund-raisers and Kervyn was asked to be the DJ of these events at the young age of ten. He would spin a variety of top 40 pop, funk, soul, calypso, rock-steady, jazz, slow jams into the wee hours of the morning.

While in Brooklyn Technical High School (1978-1982), Kervyn was introduced to a fledgling music genre called hip-hop. He joined with the other kids in his neighborhood in East New York, Brooklyn (Tony Moran being one of them) to form the crew Magnificent Sounds of Disco. He gained fame as the rapper “Money Mike” and the crew gained recognition through their DJ technician “Mikey Dee” who would win most of the DJ battles in which the crew would compete. Although Kervyn was relegated to being a rapper, he was burning to spin vinyl.

In college he started doing just that! He started at Brooklyn College c.1983 at their midday parties spinning hits like D-Train’s You’re the One for Me and Eddy Grant’s Time Warp, much to the crowd’s delight! While at Brooklyn College he went with a friend to the club Ozone Layer in Brooklyn where an up-and-coming David Morales was a resident DJ. Kervyn’s interest in club music was newly found! He quickly started to lean towards the club music scene and began frequenting the clubs like the Paradise Garage, the Underground, Studio 54, etc. During this time he transferred to Pace University to study chemistry and computer science and ended up meeting even more "clubheads. He also listened religiously to the radio dance mix shows, primarily Merlin Bobb’s megamix on WBLS-FM. There, Kervyn learned about the new music scene (House) that was coming to New York from Chicago. He like the way Merlin Bobb did his long mix after long mix perfectly. Kervyn work on doing the same thing live and soon became renowned throughout the New York college scene as The Mixologist with the smooth mixes.

Kervyn big club break came around 1988 when he got introduced to fashion maven Suzanne Barstch. She liked a demo tape he had submitted and Kervyn became her first resident DJ for the famed parties at Club Savage which were regularly attended by the likes of Madonna, David Brenner and other who’s who. That marriage lasted for a year and Kervyn moved on to produce his own club-based parties under the moniker Caveman Productions. The parties were wildly successful to a tune of the regular 500 attendees. Around that time Kervyn got a resident DJ spot at the Club Ozone Layer. Mr. Mark also cornered the local college scene and became the most sought after DJ to do college parties which wanted the best underground house music at a reasonable price. Kervyn had access to a killer mobile set and she did not compromise in the music that was played! He would play A State 808", Voodoo Ray, and other underground house records. In fact at a party at Hunter College in New York is set was Also, deep that it moved attendee DJ Disciple to approach Kervyn in the DJ booth and say “I’m impressed by the fact that you take chances in playing jams a lot of other guys are afraid to play!”

In the early 1990’s, Kervyn’s quit playing and went on a hiatus so that he could dedicate time to as a research assistant to an AIDS research project at Beth Israel Medical Center. However, in 1996 while attending a birthday for the deceased DJ/producer legend, Larry Levan at Club Vinyl, Kervyn got introduced to the playing styles of Francois Kevorkian, Danny Krivit and Joaquin Joe Claussell. He was in awe of this display of three talents meshing into one. Claussell moved him especially for his ability to make each song played an unforgettable experience. To him this party was the beginning of a much needed resurgence to the dying scene and Kervyn became Body and Soul head.

In October 18, 1997, after much politicking, Kervyn Mark was invited to be a guest DJ at Body and Soul-NYC to play with Francois K and Danny Krivit and had played there as a guest four times. He also became a co-resident with Joey Llanos and Juan Valentin at the Dance Promise parties. He has played at E-Man’s “Bang the Party”, The Underground Collective, “Soul-sa”, “The Tea Party”, Lil-Ray’s “Clubhouse Jamboree”, and the list goes on! Of recent Kervyn has played at the wildly successful at “Roots” in Club Cielo with DJ producer Kevin Hedge and at the PS1 Warm-up in front of a crowd of 5000+.

In 1998, Kervyn was approached by his longtime friend Manuel Josell Ramos about doing a film project documenting the underground house music scene in New York. Four years, dozens of interviews later, “Maestro” has come to fruition. The film has been shown in theaters all over the world and is due to be released on DVD in May 2005. Kervyn’s contribution has been in the historical research and writing aspect and he something truly is proud of and believes the film importance in presenting the underground dance music scene is immeasurable. He also, is the featured DJ who is doing the mixed compilation CD, “Maestro-The Soundtrack CD” that is to be released by Sony/BMG this July, 2005.

Starting in July, 2002 Kervyn and some his friends started a multi-media arts collective called The Melting Pot NYC. He is its monthly resident and this event has become one of the best underground dance music events in New York City. This event takes place at the famed Nuyorican Poets Cafe every month and Kervyn plays a diverse range of danceable deep, soulful rhythms in coloration with poets, live musicians, singers and painters. “MPot” as it is called has produced events such as “House The Vote” that featured Louie Vega, Kevin Hedge, singers Kenny Bobien , Joi Cardwell and Anane’, and Aaron Ross at Battery Park, NY where he absolutely rocked a crowd of 2000+. He also has produced music in the form of “World within A World” feat. Mikeal which is to be released in the summer 2005.