In the beginning there was an ironing board... Kerstin Eden was not aware which huge impact it would have, as in 2003 she nicked her mother's ironing board and placed her... read more
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Location: Frankfurt, Germany Germany
Genre: Minimal, Techno
Alias/Collaboration: K.LECTRA
Labels: levelNOnzero Records, Naked Lunch, TK Records

In the beginning there was an ironing board…

Kerstin Eden was not aware which huge impact it would have, as in 2003 she nicked her mother’s ironing board and placed her 1210s and a mixer on it. Today, some years later, she has not only inspired some guys with home booth architecture, but also provided sore leg muscles for many party freaks. Since 2011 she´s part of germans leading agency for techno artists, called Abstract.

In recent years her reputation as insatiable sound machine has grown continuously and an outstanding club history and large fan base have been established. From Berlin over Frankfurt, Ibiza over Hongkong; the live wire behind the decks is well-known in hot spotted clubs for special marathon sets, but also on festivals like Nature One, Mayday, Winterworld, Soundtropolis, Ruhr in Love or Loveparade.

The ingredients of her dark powerful sound are straight techno rhythms with fat dirty bass-lines, peppered with tribal and hypnotic sounds. You can actually see and hear her passion for music, when you experience how she infects the party crowd with one of her long mixing sessions – which has always a surprise to hold. No need to tell about her strong addiction to studio sessions. Learning producing since years she finally released two tracks in 2012 and a remix in 2013.


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Kerstin Eden