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Kerry Leva is an electronic music producer, singer/songwriter, and pianist from Boston. In her early years, Kerry often wrote solo piano pieces inspired by the works of Vince Guaraldi and George Winston, but later went on to study Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music. It was during that time that she developed a love for electronic music, and shortly thereafter began collaborating as a vocalist on releases such as ‘Anywhere With You Is Home’ (with Matt Lange), ‘Memorial (You Were Loved)’ (with Ad Brown), and, most recently and notably, ‘In And Out Of Phase’ (with Andrew Bayer and Matt Lange).

Where many EDM vocalists are content to focus on their singing careers, Kerry broke through as a prolific producer in her own rite, with her remix of ‘As The Rain Falls’ (with Ad Brown and Matt Lange) earning support from Above & Beyond and other EDM notables, and her piano undo of Matt Lange’s ‘Rift’ earned her a #1 spot on Beatport’s chillout chart. In 2013, Kerry saw her first solo commercial release with her ‘Proud’ EP, a broken-beat, piano- and strings- driven song that earned her great support from some of the top names in EDM.

Kerry’s production style has often been referred to as cinematic, emotional, and loaded with attention to detail, and her voice commonly described as angelic. Keep your ears open for a lot more music in 2014, both on the chill/deep house front, as well as the more indie-driven electronica vein.