Ken Wee Beatport


KenWee, or Kenneth Waal as his real name is was born in Trondheim, Norway in 1986.

He started to play vinyl late in 2002. Spent all his money at new records and equipment.

After a year hi had 2 technics 1210 mk2 and a pioneer djm-300 mixer.

Today he is 19 years old, and a part of the younger club-generation in Trondheim (Norway).

With his minimal techno, house, tech, electro and technoish sounds.

Late in 2003 he got a phone call from roger baadnes aka reug-baa, and he offered hi the first gig at Club-ID. After playing at ID for an while hi get asked by jan erik aka je haugfos who is the founder of Globe Clubbing for playing at his event in After Dark. Globe is one of the few club scenes in trondheim who plays music the way hi like it. And the concept who books a loot of good djs.

Sander kleinenberg , Funk D`Void , Anthony Pappa , Desyn Masiello to name a few.

Little later hi get a gig from Anders Wikdahl aka NoModE who is the founder of Club-Wonderland. Club-Wonderland wins the price of the best party concept in trondheim 2004.

Have played at many events here in Norway without Club-Wonderland and Globe. Have also played at Visions (mo i rana,Norway) In 2005 he got Reason 3 and starting to producing music, listen to his new track “We Kid”. Find it at my homepage. Feel free to give him feedback at his e-mail.

His favorite jocky is Richardo Villalobos , Sven Vath , Danilo Vigorito , Marco Carola ,

Steve Bug and a loads more..

His favorite producers are Marco Carola , Danilo Vigorito , Jesper Dahlback , Anthony Rother , Luciano , Robag Wruhme , Matthew Dear , Mattew Jonson and many more.