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Kenny Ken

London, United Kingdom

Drum & Bass

Mix & Blen', Mix n Blen
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From the hardcore madness of the Labyrinth and Crazy Club to the junglist domination of World Dance and AWOL, Kenny Ken has been at the forefront of the UK’ breakbeat revolution. His DJ sets have earned him the mix n’ blend moniker worldwide, and last year he took his career the next logical step with the launch of the Mix n’ Blend label. Having been in the game for nearly a decade, Kenny Ken is a true ambassador for jungle music. During this time he has earned respect throughout the scene and enjoyed almost universal popularity with the massives for his diverse and entertaining DJ sets. “When I first began DJing, it started off as a gimmick thing really. I wasn’t setting out to be a top DJ or anything, because in those early days it was all new to me – I was off the street and straight into DJing. I didn’t know which direction I was going in… all I knew is that I could play two tunes.” Kenny also runs a record label called “Mix ‘n’ Blen” which should ensure that he remains one of the top DJ’ on the Drum and Bass circuit today.