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Raised in rural Iowa, Kenneth Scott nursed an obsession with dance music while exploring his hometown’s tiny scene. Like many an auspicious beginning, his earliest DJ gigs were house parties with a cobbled together set-up consisting of his father’s old turntable, a portable CD player, and a Radio Shack mixer. Something must have clicked for him because over time he trained himself as a multi-instrumentalist and started taking his musical cues from early WARP Records releases, Matthew Dear’s acid experimentation as Audion, and minimal-minded composers like Philip Glass and Arvo Part. Scott has since relocated to San Francisco to continue the honing of his skills as a successful promoter, DJ, and producer. His clever use of techy snares, reptilian synths, and subtle layers of melody has helped to define him as one of the city’s brightest stars. His list of accomplishments are many but some highlights include running the successful Binary parties and DJ’ing alongside a list of international standouts such as Pan Pot, Martin Landsky, and Touane. He’s also managed to create an indelible string of releases with collaborators like Emilio Orlandi (Moniker), Jason Short (Eutactic), [KONTROL]’s Alland Byallo, as well as his own solo material.

Kenneth Scott’s music has been described as an active resurrection of the melodies surrendered in the great minimal techno takeover. One reason for this is his preference for actual songs; ones with the basic elements perpetually changing as they progress like a band. The results are unique, a sound rife with the shock and awe of a Murakami novel bathed in the scantest feelings of a yearning somewhere between joy and melancholia. “I’d like to think that in my music you could find all the different emotions that you find in a novel, the important thing for me is to avoid being overly didactic”, says Scott of his production approach

Recently, things have been heating up for Scott. This includes a recent pair of EPs for Auralism-one under the Eutactic banner with Coalition of the Killing and now an upcoming September release entitled “What Do I Do?” The new single features inspired remixes by Dave Aju, Rift, and Jason Short in addition to the two originals. Rift has tapped him for a remix of his forthcoming new single “The Albatross” in addition to a rework due out later this fall of fellow Auralism artist Dead Seal’s “Dolgama”. And if that wasn’t enough, there will be a single under the Moniker alias due out at the end of the year on Rift’s Vellum Recordings, too.

There is definitely more to come from this hardworking San Francisco producer as he carves new intersections into rhythm and melody, busily discovering new and uncharted musical turf. It’s this mindless form of musical evolution that not only propels his definition of house but also allows him and his music to continue developing, a stark contrast and humbling reminder of those innocent Radio Shack mixer beginnings for Kenneth Scott.