Kenji Beatport


Born and raised in Southern California since 1978, collecting music, new and old, has always been hobby of mine. I have always been interested in searching for new music in different genres to broaden my mind and be more open. My musical taste includes such styles as punk, hiphop, jazz, most EDM and more. Since my purchase of turntables back in 99’ my collection of electronic music has grown significantly from trance and house to breaks and drum and bass. I currently spin mostly nuskool and progressive breaks and I’m transitioning into drum and bass. For the last five years I have committed myself to growth and evolvement as a DJ to strive to transcend my expectations. Events that I’ve had the privilege to showcase my talent at would include my past residencies: Escape (Los Angles, CA), Elevation (Orange County, CA) and Vice (Santa Monica, CA), as well as appearing as a guest DJ at many parties and clubs along the West Coast. My current affiliation with IdealVibes ( gives me more opportunity to undertake the challenge of moving a crowd, both mentally and physically and putting a smile on their faces because that is ultimately, in my opinion, the most important part of DJ’ing and the most gratifying.