Kende Beatport


Kende is a dj and an artist (graffiti writer).He was born in Lake Garda (Italy) and with him born his interests for music and graffiti. He started playing bass guitar in a band called “Torakikisk8core”. He listened to punk music, metal and mainly hip hop, which is more or less the style of his band. He got more interested in graffiti and he took part to many conventions spreading his name all around North Italy. His stylish evolution gets wider from the walls to the canvases with mixed techniques.

Later his interest started leading towards the Techno, Hard techno and drum ‘n bass music of the parties of Italy. He started playing together with LTZ soundsystem and many other soundsystems of Italy (Milano, Bologna, and Firenze) and all Italian street parades.

He got recognized for his talent and he got play more and more.

Fascinated by the scratching techniques, he learns how to scratch by himself and he starting using his practices in some competitions and with a crossover band called “Foreplay”.

Dj Kende also loves electronic music, minimal techno, idm and robot music (hi quality music).This is the music he likes to play the most. He has been frequenting London quiet often playing in few clubs and many parties. Recently he made some exhibitions of his art in the north of Italy and he’s studying in a school of electronic music in Milan.