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It is hard to be as avid a follower of dance as Kena. Ever since hearing Disco and 80’s dance/pop music in early childhood he has been dedicated towards dance & electronic music.

Picking up mixing after listening to local underground radio shows and syndicated mix shows like “The Hot Mix” would forever change Kena’s trajectory. Inspired by what he heard, he has been DJing/mixing over 20 years. Completely self-taught and beginning with just two standard CD’s players and a Radio Shack 4 channel mixer, Kena spent countless hours mixing and working on the craft. Eventually able to upgrade to two proper direct drive turntables and mixer after learning the basics of the craft.

Taking in everything he heard and never limiting himself to any particular genre or style. Heavily influenced by DJ’s like Joey Beltram, Carl Cox, Richard Vission, Bad Boy Bill, David Morales and Danny Tenaglia, just to name a few. Raves became his home, after-hours clubs felt like school, and Deejays were teachers.

Eventually growing frustrated with the events being thrown in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, together with his best friend, Kena founded the legendary Good Beat Productions. Over the course of several years, Good Beat Productions threw some of the largest, most infamous and fabulous parties in New Mexico’s history. In addition to becoming large scale event producers, Kena established himself as a Premier New Mexico Deejay in his own right. Putting together house, techno, electro, trance and whatever else he felt like, one thing has always remained true – Kena’s taste runs diverse and deep. If it sounds good then it can be played.

Kena generally requires no less than three turntables to properly produce his sound. He is just as comfortable playing at a nightclub, rave, after-party or pool party. Kena doesn’t stand for labels. As long as there are fun and fabulous people who want to dance and shake their asses, the Good Beats are ready.

Eventually opening up Plump Records in Albuquerque, NM, it was a store synonymous for having the most current and diverse selection of underground music for DJ’s, fans and collectors. As opportunities grew and the scale of their operations reached its pinnacle, and knowing when it was time to move on, with heavy hearts, Good Beat and all its affiliated endeavors ended their run as a production company. After a painstaking search, a proper buyer who could carry on their vision for Plump Records could not be found, so they opted to close.

However, that was not to be the end of Good Beat Productions. Occasionally partnering with clubs or other promoters, Good Beat found themselves the driving force behind several events that featured internationally recognized performers and DJ’s. Kena has had the fortune and pleasure of playing alongside internationally recognized talents of: Lisa Lashes, Markus Schulz, DJ Hardware, Steve Loria, Richard Vission, Onionz, DJ Irene, DAVE the Drummer, Commander Tom, Vinylgroover, Micro, John Debo, Mike Dearborn, Ron D Core, Miss Lady Kier, Lars, Polywog, Kenneth Graham, Dave Trance, Gary Menichiello, Avenue D and many others.

Having relocated to San Diego, CA, Kena’s ear has never been more firmly planted on finding the sickest, dopiest, fattest, chunkiest and nastiest grooves he can get his hands on. His relentless pursuit to bring the finest dance music from around the globe results in an eclectic, yet seamless style that you will enjoy.

Now applying a great deal of time to original tracks, Mash-Ups and remix production work. His various mash-ups, remixes and original productions have garnered attention by several dance labels. Kena’s ‘Sparkle Sessions’ Podcasts have been listened to worldwide and in over 50 countries.