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Channeling the wild imagination and aesthetic enchantment of “Four Dream’s” gorgeous album artwork into his songs, Keenhouse (Ken Rangkuty) entrances with soothing, aetherial vocals blended into seraphic synths that illuminate and perpetuate a fantastic fantasy world where magic breathes in iridescent dust of chimeric sound-waves.

Keenhouse’s “Four Dreams” lilts through your subconscious like prismatic clouds bursting with spectral colors. “Echoplants” charms as tropical birds and bugs cry out their lively echos against flora-like bass and synths that reverberate the sounds of a lively amazonian jungle. “Where I Belong” emotionally strings you along with wistful synths that cascade quietly in the background as wind chimes chirp in their high-pitched accents against Keenhouse’s mellifluously medicinal vocals that ache with the pain of a lost heart that can’t find its way home. Transcending traditional electronic music is the resplendent “Taura,” whose lead instrument is a Koto played by renowned new age composer Osamu Kitajima that solos and weeps over swirling pads like teardrops gently drenching the cheeks of a long-lost lover. The record concludes with “The Lullaby of Keenhouse,” a beautiful traditional piano piece played against the peaceful sounds of a babbling brook, as if Keenhouse himself was tickling the ivories beside a mystical creek, in the midst of an enchanted forest.