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KeeMo is one of Alex Breuer´s many pseudonyms for his various projects.

Alex Breuer had his very first gig as KeeMo in 1992 at the „Krefelder Königsburg“, providing live music for laser shows before releasing his first vinyl on „No Respect Records“ in cooperation with Jens Lissat. A later move to „Fuel/East West Records“ resulted in a series of releases and inspiring remixes by names such as Timo Maas and Tom Novy.

From these beginnings, KeeMo has evolved into a cross-disciplinary creative network revolving around the core of Alex Breuer.

The producer and artist has the goal to create new possibilities by combining state-of-the-art sound, motion and visual technology in each of his new releases and live performances.

His single „TheDawn“, is very much a case in point. KeeMo was the first artist in music history releasing a DVD Plus Version of a music single, which had its own sequencing software, including a 5.1 dolby digital sound version. Sony Playstation permitted the use of the footage from their game “Wipeout Fusion”, which was combined with a stylish music video by the renowned artist Benno Klandt, while leading German music technologists Emagic provided a version of their famous Logic software for inclusion on each CD – everyone got the chance to make their own remix of the song.

During 2001 and 2005 Alex took a break with his project KeeMo and produced sounddesigns and motion picture soundtracks, for artists such as Michael Jackson, Ofra Haza and companies such as Apple (Logic Pro, Garage Band Remix Pack), Porsche Design and Mercedes Benz. But he did not fully stop working on musical projects, he also produced tracks under his pseudonym DerBreuer, which bring out a more intense and darker side of the artist. Due to this fact, the artist chose to split his projects, whereas KeeMo represents the lighter side.

In 2005 it was time for the Alex´ lighter side again, when he released the track „Spirit Dancer“. In 2008 KeeMo teamed up with the DJ Tim Royko and the singer Cosmo Klein and produced the single „Beautiful Lie“, which now in 2010 became a hit in Portugal.

Currently, KeeMo is working on new tracks for his new album so there’s plenty of reason to be excited about the shape of things to come…