Keanu Beatport


Who is dj KEANU….

Dj KEANU started his career at school parties in Noord-Holland, after this he started with drive-in shows around his country.

After a few years playing in the Netherlands he felt it was time to make a trip outside the Netherlands, three days later dj KEANU played in different clubs in New Zealand, names of the clubs are; Kiss, Sinners, the Kase and the Basement.

Once back in Holland dj KEANU worked more and more at his career, after his first single, Few Steps Away, you can now find dj KEANU is different discotheques.

In the summer of 2000 dj KEANU started too look again outside Holland, after Ibiza and Mallorca dj KEANU also played in Kreta.

Now you can find dj KEANU in different big party’s like IMPULZ.

At the beginning of 2002 there’s a new single in the stores called: DANGO. This single is made featuring Eric Dikeb…