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Name – Keian Collins

Date of Birth – March 2nd 1988

DJ Name – KaySee

Equipment Brought – 11 – 03 – 05

KaySee first had a go on the turntables at the age of 13 when himself and his mates Urel McCalla (DJ Saint) and Leon Dale decided to make there own bedroom radio show, but as young boys this did not last long, it only lasted a week or Two, KaySee thought nothing of it and let it pass by.

At the age of 14 KaySee met a DJ called Luke EP, this is where he started to gain interest in Drum & Bass, KaySee started to meet a lot more new people and started to listen to Luke EP doing his live DJ sets on WitnessTheSickness, KaySee got hooked on this radio station and listened to it constantly.

At the age of 16 he started to listen to a radio station called IchiPromotions, This was another radio station that Luke EP DJed for, he met another DJ Called Adam. Working continuously days and nights KaySee spent all his time at work saving for some DJ Equipment.

At the age of 17 just after his 17th birthday KaySee got all his work and birthday money and went to his local DJ Shop called Nottingham Light and Sound, at this point he could only afford the Turntables, Needles, Mixer and Headphones,

Turntables = Numark TT200

Needles = Ortofon Concorde Pro S

Mixer = Gemini IPMX

Headphones = Numark

At this time he loved it, it wasn’t till he got home then realised that he had no vinyl’s to play with, so he asked his did to let him use some of his tunes, luckily he had work the following day so he worked, and he got paid the same week, so he went out and brought himself some Drum & Bass vinyl’s from the best record shop in Nottingham called Oh My Gosh Records, he only had enough money for about 10 vinyl’s but its better than nothing.

He saved up got an amp and some speakers, and upgraded his vinyl collection, from this point on he started to invest all his money in DJ Equipment.

KaySee did some radio shows on WitnessTheSickness, but then he stopped due to work, since then KaySee just DJed in his room, he did housepartys but nothing special, KaySee DJed in a club that his mate worked in. KaySee also went to do a DJ Course at college but it was just an extra thing to do.

KaySee still listening to Drum & Bass started to listen to a radio station called, UK BASS RADIO, this is where he got to know many more DJs, as well as a really good DJ mate of his called DJ Fat Barry, it wasn’t till 1st January 2007 KaySee decided to Release his own radio station Co Owned by his partner BabyStacey. The radio station was to be called AudioChemistry.co.uk.

On 1st March 2007 DJ KaySee Launched a radio station along side his partner BabyStacey called AudioChemistry.co.uk.