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What Kayden Michaels has been able to accomplish thus far gives the appearance of the start to a new and successful artist career.

In fact, he always has a new project ready to fly, oftentimes dovetailing and overlapping his previous efforts.

Born in London, OH, Kayden was raised in the small city of Palm Bay, FL . He launched himself into music as a regular hobbyist DJ in the Trance genre 1996 however, Breaks would not be far behind.

An alchemist of music and movement, his start as a DJ led him straight to the downtown music scene where his imaginative spirit would run free. It also steered him toward what would become a long-term collaboration with DJ Solo that began in 2008 and continues to this day.

In 2006, Kayden was ready for the new stages, thanks to Ocalas own DJ Litespeid and multi UMF performer DJ Gilligan he began playing at many venues such as Beatstock, Miamis WMC’s and ODF. Kayden had 22 digital releases to his credit before signing to Badbwoy Bass Records in 2008.

He’s worked with multiple producers such as Brian Solo, Dan Carrone, Curtis B, Litespeid, Gilligan and has completed many arrangements with vocalist from Kate Lesing to Serenity and Australias Top 25 Vocalist/Writer & Performer Priscilla Tonkin.

As a gifted artist with a great heart, Kayden Michaels dons the “Producer’s Hat” quite often. His most recent works are offered as the begining to his new career, while taking a brief simbatical from performing. His

presentations featuring established and emerging vocalists Priscilla Tonkin and producer Solo have spanned a deliciously eclectic array of bass thumping sounds including: " Simple Theory" and “Bass Tech” as well as his first big release “Serious Business” and a fresh off the cut remix of BreakZheads “Forever”. New songs keep arriving from this promising new artist and surely there are some performances to be lined up in the near future.

The roster of musicians with whom Michaels has collaborated or performed with reads like a Who’s Who of Breaks and House artist. A short list of these stellar artists includes Rick West, Dave London, AK1200, Fixx, Curtis B, Mark Sanchez, Agent K, Viro, Rob Analyze, Discoveri, Brian Van Dalen, Tears of Technology, Ways & Means, Journeyman vs BaRRcode, Special Agent, Farace, Solo, Djaded, Slip 187, Emily Play and Infect but, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With new releases coming soon and his long awaited album release “A New Day” there is sure to be a large impact made by this promising new artist.

You may have to stop and take a deep breath just from reading what Kayden Michaels has accomplished to date – but he won’t! Kayden’s ideas, spark, talent and enthusiasm knows no limits. He’s off and running

again, bringing his abundant talents and tireless spirit to the next endeavor.