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Kay Mikado

Bangalore, India

Progressive House

LAD Publishing & Records
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DJ Kay Mikado strongly believes “Where you fail to express your words, Let the music speak for you.”

Basically from the North Eastern Part of India, where music is life for the people, DJ Kay was always inclined towards music all throughout his child hood. Never got the chance to do much during his school days (except mastering the guitar) as he was very much occupied with his games and studies.

Music is the biggest passion in his life and he believes that its music that gets him going every single day of his life. Being a MS in Computer Science, he started his career as a software engineer in the year 2000. That’s when he felt very strongly that he should do what he really like to do in his life. That’s how the DJ career for DJ Kay started off in club Turquoise Cottage in August, 2000. This was one of the most renowned clubs in Delhi, India for Rock, Retro and Club music and catering to the best of the crowd. Since then he has been the resident DJ of two more other clubs in Delhi and then Bangalore till the year 2005. That’s when he decided to switch his passion into work. So the result was – he quit his flourishing Software Engineering Career and opened his own night club in Bangalore called “The Beach”. Its been four years now and is recognised as one of the best clubs in Bangalore. He is the resident DJ of The Beach on Saturdays.

Being deep into business – owning 2 night club, 1 lounge bar, 2 restaurants, 3 spas, 1 Salon and 1 hotel, he has still not given up his passion for music and so he started his own production. He is been into small time and local production since the year 2006, but got seriously into it since Jan 2009. Always inclined toward all genre of House Music, he is doing some serious house music production now.

As a performer he believes that “Rule the hearts of people with his music and make them leave with smile and come back again and again for his gigs”. He is an excellent performer and his strongest point is that he is very good in understanding what the crowd wants. He believes “Whenever he is performing, he gets his kick only from the crowd satisfaction and he knows how to achieve that”. Being a resident DJ in different clubs during his DJ Career of almost 10 years, he has also done lots of gigs in the best clubs of the country and the globe.

As a producer, he is one among the very limited few in India and has already marked a name in the international circuit after more than 50 track releases.


I am a Music Producer, Remixer, Disc Jockey, Promoter and Club Owner. It has been a DJ career of more than nine years now and things have been going very good and strong.

I can turn my hand to many styles of music & strongly believes in being flexible, describing ’My’ style to be anything around 128 BPM, not restricting myself to one specific genre of music, instead keeping my options open & enjoying all the different sets that I plays. If I have to play for myself I do that at my studio, but if I am playing in-front of the crowd, then I play the music that the crowd would sway to.

I strongly believe that “Music has no language and no barrier. I like whatever sounds good to my ears”. That’s how I take break from my house production and do some Indian Music remixes at times.

But when it comes to production, I do the music that I like – “House Music” – specially which lots of MELODY



1. DJ Kay Mikado – Who Am I ( Original Mix) / LAD Records 2. DJ Kay Mikado – Reason to Smile ( Original Mix) / LAD Records 3. DJ Kay Mikado – Electric Fly ( Original Mix) / LAD Records 4. DJ Kay Mikado – Jump ( Original Mix) / LAD Records 5. DJ Kay Mikado – Jump ( Dub Mix) / LAD Records 6. DJ Kay Mikado – Jump ( Radio Edit ) / LAD Records 7. DJ Kay Mikado – Let it Go High ( Original Mix) / LAD Records 8. DJ Kay Mikado – Higher and Higher ( Original Mix) / LAD Records 9. DJ Kay Mikado – Sailing High ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

10. DJ Kay Mikado – Come September ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

11. DJ Kay Mikado – Pulse ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

12. DJ Kay Mikado – Indie Funk ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

13. DJ Kay Mikado – Spread Your Wings ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

14. DJ Kay Mikado – Spread Your Wings ( Vocal Mix) / LAD Records

15. DJ Kay Mikado – Spread Your Wings ( Radio Edit) / LAD Records

16. DJ Kay Mikado – Feel The Strings ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

17. DJ Kay Mikado – Saxo-Swing ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

18. DJ Kay Mikado – Accourdian-De-Groove ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

19. DJ Kay Mikado – Memories ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

20. DJ Kay Mikado – Memories Ft. Sabrina ( Vocal Mix) / LAD Records

21. DJ Kay Mikado – Memories Ft. Sabrina ( Radio Edit) / LAD Records

22. DJ Kay Mikado – Pulsating ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

23. DJ Kay Mikado – Tar It Up ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

24. DJ Kay Mikado – Eleven Thirty ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

25. DJ Kay Mikado – Searching For You ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

26. DJ Kay Mikado – Searching For You ( Vocal Mix) Ft. Sabrina / LAD Records

27. DJ Kay Mikado – Searching For You ( Radio Edit) Ft. Sabrina / LAD Records

28. DJ Kay Mikado – Happy Days ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

29. DJ Kay Mikado – East Meets The West ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

30. DJ Kay Mikado – Question Mark ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

31. DJ Kay Mikado – Flute Flow ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

32. DJ Kay Mikado – Sky is The Limit ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

33. DJ Kay Mikado – Sitar Trip ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

34. DJ Kay Mikado – Me And My Flow ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

35. DJ Kay Mikado – Dance With Me ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

36. DJ Kay Mikado – Rapid Structure ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

37. DJ Kay Mikado – Loose Your Control ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

38. DJ Kay Mikado – Live It Up ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

39. DJ Kay Mikado – Sprint ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

40. DJ Kay Mikado – Sunny Days ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

41. DJ Kay Mikado – Dont Stop Your Smile ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

42. DJ Kay Mikado – Gone With The Flow ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

43. DJ Kay Mikado – Transforms ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

44. DJ Kay Mikado – Forever Good ( Original Mix) / LAD Records

45. DJ Kay Mikado – Peaceful Changes / LAD Records ( Original Mix)

46. DJ Kay Mikado – Addictive / LAD Records ( Original Mix)

47. DJ Kay Mikado – Past Midnight / LAD Records ( Original Mix)

48. DJ Kay Mikado – This Is What I Want / LAD Records( Original Mix)

49. DJ Kay Mikado – This Is What I Like / LAD Records ( Original Mix)

50. DJ Kay Mikado – Energy Vibe / LAD Records ( Original Mix)

51. DJ Kay Mikado – Sunrise / LAD Records ( Original Mix)

52. DJ Kay Mikado – Deep Cycle / LAD Records ( Original Mix)


1. DJ Kay Mikado – Jump ( DJ Rulz Mix) / LAD Records 2. DJ Kay Mikado – Jump ( Cluberfunk Mix) / LAD Records 3. DJ Rulz – My Paradise City ( DJ Kay Mix) / LAD Records 4. DJ Rulz – Funky Star ( DJ Kay Mix ) / LAD Records 5. DJ Kay Mikado – Spread Your Wings ( DJ Rulz Mix) / LAD Records 6. DJ Kay Mikado – Spread Your Wings ( CluberFunk Mix) / LAD Records


1. DJ Kay Mikado – Hit It ( Original Mix) 2. DJ Kay Mikado – Sunset ( Original Mix) 3. DJ Kay Mikado – Is this Real ( Original Mix) 4. DJ Kay Mikado – Deep Rooted ( Original Mix 5. DJ Kay Mikado – Morning Blues ( Original Mix) 6. DJ Kay Mikado – Pulse ( Progressive Mix ) 7. DJ Kay Mikado – Pulse ( Re-Edit Mix ) 8. DJ Kay Mikado – Pulse ( Vocal Mix) Ft. Sabrina 9. DJ Kay Mikado – Pulse ( DJ NYK Mix)

10. DJ Kay Mikado – Pulse ( DJ Vee Mix)

11. DJ Kay Mikado – Pulse ( Dynomite Mix)

12. DJ Kay Mikado – Pulse ( DJ March Bell Mix)

13. DJ Kay Mikado – Whistle In The Woods ( Original Mix)

14. DJ Kay Mikado – Grand Aura ( Original Mix)

15. DJ Kay Mikado – Mystery ( Original Mix)

16. DJ Kay Mikado – Lightning Strokes ( Original Mix)

17. DJ Kay Mikado – Bounce ( Original Mix)