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Kay Dee

Novi Sad, Serbia


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In the predominantly male oriented world of DJ-ing, Miss Kay Dee has proven she can mix it up with the best, shattering stereotypes and setting new standards for female DJs in the industry.

During 2005 Miss Kay Dee began performing at House and underground clubs throughout Serbia and very soon expanded her territory to include clubs in neighboring South-Eastern European countries. During the same year, she became a resident DJ at Radio AS FM, a prestigious Serbian electronic music radio station.

As a rare female DJ playing vinyl, Miss Kay Dee combined her good looks, sexy mesmerizing style and her impeccable mixing techniques to establish herself as a highly desirable commodity on the regional electronic scene.

Through dedication and professionalism, she has secured the top position as the first lady of House music in Serbia and received props form many affirmed and established DJs throughout the world.

To date she had performed at every major festival in her country and toured throughout Europe, from Poland to The Netherlands, and her travels took her as far as Dubai, UAE and Miami, USA playing at various clubs and venues, where her undisputed skills led to public awareness of her superb choice of quality music and her keen ability to mix, blend and combine tracks to create explosive and positive energy. This, in addition to her aptitude to mix on both turntables as well as DJ decks, made her a force to be reckoned with. Simply put, Miss Kay Dee did not just play quality House music, she became a synonym for it.

In 2012 she ventured in to the waters of music production, and has already signed tracks for labels like Tasty Recordings [UK], Mjuzieek Digital [AUT], and Crazibiza’s world-renowned imprint Pornostar Records [HU].

In addition, Miss Kay Dee is producing and hosting a very popular House music based radio show, amply titled “House Of Grooves” together with well-known UK based DJ/Producer Audio Jacker. Since the beginning of the show, she had collaborated and received support from many esteemed and affirmed artists from all around the world, such as Feemasons, Scott Wozinak, ATFC, Shane D, Jay Vegas, Danism, K-Klass, The Cube Guys, Gramophonedzie, Pray For More and Syke ‘N’ Sugarstarr to name a few. To this day her radio show has grown and audience at all four corners of the globe and is being aired on over 30 stations world-wide, including world famous SS Radio, Digitally Imported Radio, PodOmatic and iTunes.

Cited as one of fast-rising stars in the world of House music, Miss Kay Dee has proven herself through years of dedication and hard work and now has a bright future as a House DJ and producer. She is a consummate professional with a firm foothold in the world of DJ-ing, so be sure to watch out for her!