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Kathy Diamond

Brighton, United Kingdom


Bargrooves, Diamond Music, Endless Flight
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Kathy Diamond is a singer/songwriter, who lives in Brighton – originally from Sheffield in the north of England. Her love for soul and disco started at an early age, dancing around the living room to Donna Summer with her mum – the singing came later. As a child she was always imaginative and loved to write poetry, dress-up, and perform, which became great practice for her later career.

In the early nineties started writing her own songs and sing them herself, working with different bands. In 2002 released Miracle Just Might and Sunshine. The latter was produced by Maurice Fulton, the collaboration which turned into a album making process.

Kathy Diamond’s critically acclaimed first solo album Miss Diamond To You was released in 2007. Rest of the year was spent touring around Europe and UK. In 2008 was a busy year, that saw releases like Whispers (with Aeroplane), The Feeling ( with Toby Tobias) and Fire (with Codebreaker). She also worked closely with Soft Rocks, bringing beautiful vocals to remixes like Love Love Love (by Low Motion Disco). 2009 saw her first full band debut at Koko, supporting Crazy P.

Currently she is in the studio writing her second solo album. Kathy Diamond is really excited to bring you this project and says its the album she’s always wanted to make.

Kathy Diamond also keeps touring around Europe, you can catch her in underground clubs like Plastic People in London or Sub 61 in Manchester, or even in Ibiza. Always in beautiful outfits and ready to make the crowd dance.