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Kate Wax

Geneva, Switzerland

Border Community, Mental Groove
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Kate Wax has now officially joined the family here at Border Community, as she puts the finishing touches to her vocally exhilarating second album ‘Dust Collision’ (slated for release in late 2010).

Kate Wax is the alter ego of Aisha Devi Enz, the Swiss-born, half-Tibetan, totally-driven, self-producing avant-garde singer-songwriter that gifted the world with her Reflections of the Dark Heat debut album via Switzerland’s ambassadors of cool Mental Groove back in 2006. And now, after a natural break for baby-making and subsequent months spent holed up with her beloved machines in her cosy studio cave, Aisha finds herself ready to dust off her Kate Wax persona and return to the dancefloor fray to unveil a bold new collection of dark, unconventional electronic post-pop going by the name of ‘Dust Collision’.