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Kat knows that one of her sole purposes in this life is to make music, sing and share it with the world! Drawing an abundance of inspiration from her endless life experiences and the artists she grew up emulating, Kat’s music is playful, emotional, rebellious, confessional, and funky. Her sound is a melodic style of rock blended with Reggae, Ska, and Hip Hop influences creating a fun but serious sound that continues to win over fans where ever Kat performs.

Kat had a goal, to appear on American Idol, which she first auditioned for at the age of 15. At the time her manager made a comment “the pain and emotion in your voice is far beyond your years; I bet they wait till your 18 or so, but I guarantee you’ll be on the show.” Fast forward to 2009, Kat headed to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to audition for Season 9 of American Idol, where she excitedly won the Golden Ticket to Hollywood. Kat made a great impression on the judges as well as the at-home audience. Simon Cowell said her voice was “great and unique”, she was “intriguing” and she had “a great personality”. Randy was “digging” her, Kara thought she was “adorable” and Special Guest judge Avril Lavigne said, “I personally think you’re sick!” Early on in the competition there was a team based challenge that involved learning choreographed moves while singing an original song. Simon made it clear that if any of the choreographed moves or lyrics were missed that the whole team would be disqualified. Kat wasn’t willing to risk the fate of the other competitors in her group and decided, to the dismay of the judges, she would bow out of the competition and focus solely on performing and making her EP. Her confidence, maturity and selflessness are apparent by her choice to trade in the hoopla that is American Idol, in exchange for making it on her own terms!

Kat was already generating a buzz performing at venues in Orange County and Los Angeles when she caught the ear of local studio owner and producer/engineer, Lewis Richards, of 17th Street Studios. Lewis set up jam sessions with Kat, her friend Rome Ramirez, and Eric Wilson of Sublime. The collaboration, their rendition of “Saw Red”, was aired via “RAW SESSIONS” on You Tube and has amassed 732,000 views.

You can find some of Kat’s original music on her various social networking sites and her webpage, www.itskatsmusic.com, will be finished in early 2011. Kat continues to perform locally as often as possible and is touring with Josh Fischel & Tomorrows Bad Seeds for the Acoustic HoliDaze tour in December of 2010. Kat recently finished her 5 song EP and plans to record more original music and collaborate with other artists on a few tracks in the upcoming year. This vibrant and tenacious young lady has an astonishingly strong and memorable voice, vibrant energy and naturally brilliant ability to write songs that people around the globe can relate to and sing along with!