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San Francisco, United States

Hard Dance


DJ Kasper is Alexi’s official DJ name (the “SF” is to distinguish him from the other kasper on the dj-list), and no it doesn’t have to do with Casper the friendly ghost. It refers to German folklore; Kasper was this fun, whimsical, yet sometimes dark, court jester called “Der Kasperle” (the little kasper) and since he likes the idea of entertaining people with a fun and whimsical yet very very passionate style, like a jester might, he thought it appropriate. “Kasper” in German also can be used as a term to mean silly or ridiculous, but definitely in a positive way. Alexi may opt for a second name of “DJ GIGGLES” for when he spins funky house (some people say that he giggles when he’s stoned…BAH! that’s ridiculous).

Alexi started raving in SF/Oakland 99-01 and it was pretty much there, listening to dj’s like Uphonic-Depth-Kemical Kidd (ETA Crew), Denise-Tom Slik-Dyloot (Skills), Alias, Tracer, Dutch, Morgan, Telene, Kid Carson, and of course Thomas Trouble, that he got into the music, began to love the dancing, and loved the dancing so much that he decided he wanted to play tracks for people to make them feel like he did, dancing like a crazy candykid till the early morn.

Kasper has been spinning since 2000 but he got his decks early in 2001. There was one tight experience DJing during his high school years. The summer of his junior year (2001) he spun at a club in Salamanca, Spain called “Morgana”. Nothing overly special, but there were def people dancing… gdamn cdj’s were the death of him though, he was used to vinyl. Other than that, he’s been a bedroom DJ and has done his own house parties, till he moved to San Diego to attend UCSD.

Kasper joined the DJ’s and Vinylphiles Crew @ UCSD (DVC) his freshman year (02-03). He has been throwing DVC parties and spinning at them since. DJ Kasper has played with DJ’s: TommyBoy, Rhythm Response, Sonix , Degenerate, Gaijin, 12", Peter Ning, Nick Flip, and Thaelia, just to name a few – all local SD DJ’s although some have graduated and moved away.

If you’ve been around Price Center on the UCSD campus anytime in the last three years during the normal school year, you’ve probably seen Kasper spinning out there on Library Walk underneath the now completely crappy club tent. He has also spun dozens of house parties/after parties since moving to SD for school.

So the new DVC crew is ready to go for an exciting fall quarter 2005-06, ready to bring back the DVC that cultivated a happy lil rave following back in the day (Movement 99, 00). Come check it out, there’s a link on Kasper’s links page to the DVC website, and if nothing else, at least come to hear Kasper play, he rocks it, no shyt.

aight, take it easy…