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Carpe Diem ( Latin : Seize the day )

n. 1. Used as an admonition to seize the pleasures of one moment.

You maybe familiar with the name Karpe-DM. Featuring on EVERY club, and rave event flyer being held in the last 2 years. This hugely popular DJ/Designer from Melbourne, has been making his mark here, and overseas.

3 Years on, Karpe-DM is still rocking the crowds, and becoming one of the dominant DJ?s in the local rave scene

With countless promo CD’s being released to his supporters over the last 3 years, Karpe-DM’s popularity has risen amongst the new generations of ravers, and rockers, as the new face of the Melbourne scene.

The driving sounds of Hardtrance, Tech, and Hardstyle, can be heard every week as Karpe-DM keeps pushing the boundaries, looking for new innovative ways to keep his sounds fresh and exciting.

Aligning him self with PHD, Melbourne?s most successful rave club, and with the help of Soul-T, Karpe-DM has been able to move his sounds all over Melbourne, playing at the infamous, Sunshine People, Digital, Pharmacy, and Ultra world parties @ Kryal Castle. He has also featured main stage @ both the PHD 5th Birthday, and Slumber Parties @ the HiFi Bar, and also featuring at the highly successful PHD Regional parties in Geelong, Taralgon, and Sheparton.

Karpe-DM has earned his place in the Melbourne scene, playing alongside some of the biggest names in Hardstyle, such as Walt, Derb, DJ Isaac, Dana, and the Prophet, showing he can mix it with the best.

2008 holds many possibilities for this 28 year old, with the exciting news of his own production, already being played out in the clubs and his plans to play overseas.