DJ Karosu(Carlos Pineda) was born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua in Central America. He started listening trance music in 1996 when one of his friends showed him an album by Paul Oakenfold. In a short time that music started to become a passion to him.

Always listening the music, in 2007 he decided to try mix a couples of tracks. One day on the birthday of one of his closer friends he played his mixes live and the people started dancing to his rhythm.

Also in 2007 he started joining forces whith Zinestesia. By the end of the same year, when they decided to mix Electronic Dance Music as a experimental project. now in 2008 Dj Karosu has been present on diverse events while Zinestesia have spend most of its time working on new music at his studio.

Following his music performances in the year 2009 DJ Karosu has been playing music in some place in Managua like: Traffic Bar, Alianza Francesa, The Reef (Electronic Lounge), Fussion Bar, Halloween Party @ El Establo and many others. Also has been in the beautiful shores of San Juan del Sur beach and Granada City.

That’s why he decided to keep mixing trance music to make news and better mixes.. Now Karosu has the goal to become in one of the best Electronic Music DJ in his country.