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Karmin Shiff (real name Carmelo Schifignano) has been a italian dj producer for many years,covering different styles of music, under several monikers.

In October 2007 he launched the project “MTZJUMPING” with Isaia Munaò, the track/vinyl was released on ‘ Molto Recordings ’ and soon it became very audience in Italy and Russia, gaining support from M2O, Radio Deejay,Tam Tam Network,Radio Studio Più, Radio Viva fm, Push Fm ( UK ) in the first ten positions on Global Groove Digital (Uk Minimal Tech House Charts) inserted in the cd promotion of Jocks Music/Jocks Mag – The International Promotion Company " JM Traxx – House & Dance 32 " played by many great djs as Giorgio Prezioso,Gabry Ponte,Marco Ravelli,Emanuel Paglicci from La Noche Escabrosa and many others. As well as hitting hard on many clubs all over Italy.

In May 2009 he launches the first solo albumand the first single from this material ’Party People" with the collaboration vocal of Inusa Dawuda (from Subliminal and many more) annunced on WMC – Miami Music Conference 2009 and release on Interlabel Music – Germany of Jerry Ropero and Stefan Gruenwald (Clubland Records) Distribuit by Kontor Records and Edition Emy Music! Including remixed: Chriss Ortega,Danny Verde,Kid chris…Soon Remix: Jerry Ropero, Mastiksoul.

In August 2009 straight from Sao Paulo – Brazil, produced by FKJ Music Records, output for the month of August, the new draft Karmin Shiff & Manuel Costa with the voice of Juliana Pasini. Project that will close the summer season 2009. Besides the Original Version, the remix of Frenk Dj & Joe Maker, Ciskoman, Dj Chick, Giovanni Guccione and Federico Palma! A few days after release, enter in the " www.worldofhouse.es "and in " Top100 ElectroHouse " of the famous stores Beatport.com, where it immediately reaches the position N°22! Looks to become a succes!


Various are the remixes made, some also with other colleagues.Among the many mention “Stylus Robb & Mattias – Wow!” on label “Molto Recordings” release in support cd/vinyl, played for several months on M2o and in playlist’s of Provenzano Dj. More “Dj Chick – Don’t Stop” on label " Suite Music ( Elite ) " in Messico, managed by the producer Ricardo Reyna.Other " Isaia – You Want Me" on label “Smilax Records” release in cd and digital, distributed dalla "Global Net " promises a great success.Again " The Coolbreezers – Meant To Be " togheter with Joe Maker.The Coolbreezers is a project Bliss Corporation, born from the collaboration of producer DJ Francesco De Giorgio and singer-songwriter Francesca Condello.The sound of the project ranging from pop to electronic house-busiest,makes a real success the previous project “Take Me” in the version of “Dj’s From Mars” also produced the video clip, broadcast on Deejay TV. Many others in the coming weeks!

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Zumba Samba


Available: Karmin Shiff & Inusa Dawuda – Party People ( Interlabel Music/Kontor/Kontor New Media) Edition: EMI Music Publishing Germany

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Some of the FM Radio in the world who play Karmin Shiff & Inusa Dawuda – Party People:

RUSSIA: Karmin Shiff & Inusa Dawuda – " Party People (Radio Mix) "

82 radio stations that broadcast in 223 city and many more in The World!


Frenk Dj & Karmin Shiff – Haka Maori (FKJ Music 2009)

Karmin Shiff & Manuel Costa ft Juliana Pasini – Santo Brasil (FKJ Music 2009)

Karmin Shiff & Inusa Dawuda – Party People (Interlabel Music/Kontor 2009)

MTZ – Jumping (Molto Recordings 2007)


Inusa Dawuda – I Feel Beautifull (Tbc)

The Coolbreezers – Meant To Be (The Dominion / BlissCo 2009)

Guccione vs. Suriano – House Tekno Radio (Fkj Music Records 2009)

Isaia – You Want Me (Smilax Records 2009)

Frenk Dj & Marco Magrini – Once I Get Up 2009 (Fkj Music Records)

Dj Chick – Don’t Stop (Suite Music 2009)

Stylus Robb & Mattias – Wow! (Molto Recordings 2009)

Geo Da Silva – Like The Flipper (Cat Music / Ministry Of Sound 2009)


Pitbull vs De Boss – I know you want me (Karmin Shiff Bootleg 2009)

Sgt Slick & Rob Pix ft. Denzel – Put Your Hands Up In The Air (Karmin Shiff Bootleg 2009)

Pitbull vs Alvaro – Make Culo (Karmin Shiff Bootleg 2009)

John Revox vs Stylus Robb & Mattias ft. Javi Mula – Olè, Wow, Come On! (Karmin Shiff Bootleg 2009)


In autumn collaborations with GEO DA SILVA from Hit " I’ll Do You Like A Truck " (Cat Music / Ministry Of Sound)