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Milano, Italy


Karmatronic Records
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Karmatronic, (birth name: Achilles F. Sparta) was born in Milano, and started making electronic music when he was 15.

Starting with his own creations, he has been involved in creating remixes since 2005. His international career started in 2006, when Sony BMG America asked him to remix a Beyonce track, which rose to immediate success worldwide.

Spurned by this success he was hired for many more official remixes to follow, by stars the likes of Britney Spears, Shakira, The Pussycat Dolls, John Legend, Kelly Rowland, Tiesto, 3 Six Mafia, Jennifer Hudson or Wyclef Jean.

He has remixed 6 official tracks for Beyonce that have aired around the world.

It is great recognition for Karmatronic to be present with two remixes on Beyonces American double Remix LP, along with internationally acclaimed star DJ‐s. Karmatronic is one of the performers who has had the chance to work with this many Superstars and the only DJ to ever remix tracks for all three of Destiny’s Childs members – Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. He is the only official remixer for Train’s „Hey Soul Sister”.

Karmatronic sets great emphasis on various show elements to entertain his audience – he essentially stagedowns regularly and has once even been lifted into his DJ booth from 50 feet above.

He is the pioneer of Rock The House, a style in which the greatest rock hits are mixed with the hottest house tunes.

His unforgettable mixes, legendary mashups and momentum of performance capture his crowd, and the on-stage guitar players only enhance this experience.

He is proud of having had the chance to open for both world famous soul diva Beyonce and star DJ Tiesto in 2009 and having warmed the crowd for Britney Spears in 2011.

Karmatronic is currently working on an album of his own songs, which is to be released this summer. Select songs will be remixed by famous DJs and promoted with videoclips, naturally associating the release with a major tour.

His key performance of 2012 is the opening of the UEFA Soccer European Championships in Poland, where he will perform a track he co-wrote with pianist Adam György. The TV viewing quote of this event is estimated to be around 150 million.

Tiesto’s opening gig for the Olympic Games in Greece could be considered a show of similar caliber.