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Kareem Raihani

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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“Fuelled by the philosophy that dance music can create a certain kind of universal understanding, love and wisdom.”

His wide-ranging approach to music has led him to play with some of the most respected heavy weights in dance music including, Francois K, Theo Parrish, Carl Graig, The Truby Trio, Dimitri, Dego (4 Hero), Bugz in the Attic and many more. His musical journeys have been delivered in venues from Panama to the Paradiso, from the NL to Off Corso and across nations taking in Spain, Belgium, Turkey and the USA as well as at dance-& music-festivals like Lowlands, World Port Jazz, Dance Valley, Mystery Land, Park Pop, WMC (Miami, USA). Together with Myra Driessen, who was one of the creative brains behind Chemistry for the first 5 years, Kareem started “H*RT”, a weekly club night where music art and performance melted together creating a new movement in the Amsterdam night life. Originally housed in Panama, H*RT is now a free roaming event, turning up on those special occasions at various venues in Amsterdam and thru out the Netherlands.

Currently fuelled by a hunger for new inspirations after a busy few years on the dance circuit, Kareem’s new productions find him traveling through his Moroccan roots, out into a voyage through the labyrinths of ‘world music’. Taking full advantage of his knowledge of western sounds and production techniques, the result so far is a dynamic fusion of raw tumbling beats as the inspirational rhythms and voices of the world meet the innovations of technology.

Kareem knows one thing for sure: ‘for me, it’s always dance music – there’s not going to be any change in that, dancing = healing.” While fusing global sounds to his musical voyage, he’s still bringing in influences from soul, funk, Latin, break and broken beats, hip hop, dancehall, dub/reggae, nu/jazz, tribal, soulful tech/no/house, to his mix, and he still keeps his eye on creating that special moment when ‘you’re body is dancing, you’ve forgotten time, your head flies away and the trance kicks in… ‘

Merging the rhythms and vibes of ‘world music’ into his melting pot have already led him to remix “Fire Fly” from the album “Serious” of U.K. band/producer Da Lata. While creating new tracks, he is also concentrating on building up a band again – Kareem will produce and control the beats and sound effects while the rest of the crew looks set to involve some of the most talented musicians of the “NU-scene” of the Netherlands: Maarten Helsloot: keys, Avi: flute/guitar, Marc Haanstra: base, Terrence Samson: percussion and on vocals: Jimmy Rage, Shanti & Rafaela Herbert. A melting pot of several nationalities (Dutch, Jamaican, Suriname, Israeli an, Indian and Moroccan) creates a new sound inspired by the roots of those countries. Currently with his head down in the studio, the earliest Kareem expects to be performing live is winter ’04.

The Journey so far (Background)

It was Dimitri of Amsterdam, who discovered Kareem in 1996 and provided the platform for him to begin his Dj-ing career as his stand in during his set at the ‘Hi-Tech Soul Movement’ night at the legendary “ROXY”. Since then, Kareem plays trough out the Netherlands, has built up a studio and begun producing. Together with DJ Tommy, Kareem released 6 12inches under the name Soulful Distortion and succeeded in surprising the dance scene of Amsterdam, not to mention the rest of Holland with uplifting dj- and live sets.

His mixed compilation – STORIES by KAREEM RAIHANI – a fusion of deepness, uplifting rhythms and soulful sounds, was well received by both the press & audiences alike: “ a surprising start for this new talent” (‘OOR’, the respected music magazine of Holland). STORIES, can still be found on the Cinq Etoiles label.