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Dallas, United States

Dubstep, Hip-Hop

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26year old, trouble maker out of Fort Worth, Texas. Kapz has been DJ-ing for the better part of 10 years. he started dabbling with music with a classmate Alex Sin in his room with some old school technic 1200 turntables in 2005. they started playing at classmates birthday parties, and summer pool parties. Fresh out of High School Alex and Kapzlokk take their newfound passion out of their hometown to move to Oklahoma City in 2012, and throw house parties until 2013. after moving back home to DFW the two started playing local clubs in DFW, such as Lizard Lounge, PH, AfterLife, and Rehab. Kapz was lucky enough to play along side some of the worlds greatest touring artists as the years went by. once he felt as if hes mastered mixing, Kapz started learning how to produce himself. learning most of his knowledge from youtube tutorials, other Producer friends, and attending The Art Institute Of Dallas..the young bass head duo Alex Sin & Kapzlokk join forces with DirtMonkey and Jansten’s powerhouse bass music label “Kairos Audio”. As kapzlokk eventually goes on to get a beatport release with overseas label “ Dirt Lies & Audio Black” out of London