Kania Beatport


Kania made his first contact with decks in Feb 03 but his encounters with music started much earlier. In 90 ties he used to play in metal bands Pandemonium and Hazael. He released several albums and played many gigs all over Poland including the most important festivals in Jarocin or Metalmania.

At the same time when techno was knocking at Polish door, he was taking active part in first acid techno parties organized in Lodz.

After the failure of the contract signed for 5 albums with German Century Media – home label for many well known bands such as Samael, Tiamat or Moonspel), Kania decided to take some rest. He spent two years in NY visiting parties organised in legendary Twilo and Vinyl where he could witness outstanding sets of the most famous – D.Tenaglia, R.Hawtin, C.Cox or J.Mills.

Back in Poland in Feb 03 he bought decks and began his journey into electronic music for real. He tries to incorporate elements of tribal, progressive or wet & hard in his sets.