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Beersheba, Israel

Psy-Trance, Trance

Agitato Records, DNA Records, Magma Records
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D.J. Ofir-Kamasutrance (1979) is a Trance artist & the initiator, editor and the host of the show “Kamasutrance” since 1999.

Ofir creates his own music in his personal studio Built by him brick by brick.

His tracks were released under the Israeli label “Agitato records” “-”Phonokol" – “Kagdila” and more…

Some were even released under the international label “Novatekk”

Beside trance music, Ofir has produced successful remixes for Israel’s some of the best artists like:

Shlomi Shabat & Lior narkis-Hamsa (a special edition single printed in 80,000 copies!!!)

Shiry Maymon-Alon de loco-Sagiv cohen-Hovevey Zion … And more…

At these days, Ofir finally work on his first complete full Album, Planed to be released later this year , By DNA Records – Israel

Meanwhile he already play in Mexico on 3 events and also 4 times in Russia, and still lots of plans for the future…



Jack In the Box -compiled by KamaSutrance – Phonokol 2007

KamaSutrance Radio Show – DNA Records (2011)

Tracks Appear On:

A Voyage Into Trance Vol. 5 – MDMA (2xCD) Veni Vidi Vici (Global Trance Network) 2001

Flip Out – Final Fantasy Agitato Records 2001

Spiritual Moves 3 – Acid Germs – Veni Vidi Vici Agitato Records, Kagdila Records 2001

A Psychedelic Trip To Goa (First Contact) – Eternal Justice TBA 2002

Flip Out Vol. II – Life Force Agitato Records 2002

Spiritual Moves 4 – Crazy Munches – Eternal Justice Agitato Records 2002

Virtual Trance Vol. 3 – Solar Transmission – Lies Agitato Records 2002

B.P.M. – Bionic Pulse Method Vol. 2 – Diskorder Agitato Records 2003

Out Of the Blues – Lost Time In Time – Kagdila Records 2006

The Next Generation – Hypersonic – Larger Then Life (Kamasutrance remix) Phonokol 2006

Psytisfaction 5 – Ran Gi La Phonokol 2006

Spliff It Up! Track With No Name Spliff Music 2007

Ping Pong – Come with me (vs. Skylord) Shivlink records 2007

The key – Vs SynSUN (Set the Pace single) Phonokol 2008

Positive Alchemists Vol. 4 – Back to Goa (Live Version) Avigmatic records 2009

Get Connected – Aline Is Here – DNA Records (2010)

Perception Vol 1 – Again And Again – DNA Records (2011)

KamaSutrance Radio Show –Ran Gi La 2011 remix – DNA Records (2011)

KamaSutrance Radio Show – The One ( Vs Outsiders ) DNA Records (2011)

Perception Vol 12- Yahel – Soul ( Kamasutrance Remix ) DNA Records (2011)

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