Kamara Beatport


Since the earliest years Timo is interested in music, playing the drums and having more than a good ear for music and rhythmic coherences – that’s why he found his way to several known djs at the age of 16. He proved himself to be not only an excellent musician but also a good entertainer. His first contact with the “Djing” was in 1994 when some friends introduced him to the wheels of steel. He was really fascinated with the almost infinite sound structures which he could obtain by two turntables and mixers and soon decided to get deeper into this high art of presenting. From this time Timo dabbled in different genres of electronic dance music and in the end he found his true love to be trance music. In the following years he worked incessantly on his sets. It was not enough for him to work with record players and mixers, so he created with the help of different effect devices and continuous loop his own creations of the biggest clubland tracks. His work paid off! He tested his new sounds out at the legendary Fantasy Club in Duelmen and radio stations like Evosonic DJ Radio, Sunshine Live and Radio NRW. After this successful acid test further bookings followed in many popular clubs and events of our republic and finally he got an offer to play many many times at the famous Porn Club and Tarm Center. Together with DJ mega stars such as Armin Van Buuren, ATB, Woody van Eyden, Oliver Moldan, Warmduscher and many more, he rocked the clubs and events of “Trance-Germany” and the Netherlands. His last remix for Rotersand’s Social Distortion – gets a big support by the best djs like Armin van Buuren, Rank1, Woody van Eyden and many more.