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Los Angeles, United States

Electro House, House

AKA: Floorshaker

Kam Beatport

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Raised in Los Angeles, Kam started collecting records and spinning at an early age. In the mid 80’s, Kam was introduced to some of the most influential figures on the scene, like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Rodney O and Joe Cooley who visited his parents fast food resturant “FATBURGER” regularly after recording sessions at the local studio. With such a wealth of talent surrounding him, it was no surprise that Kam spent most of his days learning about different styles of music and mixing techniques that were developing at the time. In the summer of 1986, Kam recieved his first set of turntables and two channel mixer with no crossfader from his older brother that was a house party DJ in High School. By 1989, Kam was spinning at local house parties, underground warehouse raves and clubs in the San Fernando Valley and Downtown LA. In 1994, Kam was given the opportunity to move a dance floor of over 1000 people at one of the hottest nightclubs in Hollywood called ARENA, along side former resident DJ Irene.

Since then, Kam has performed and headlined clubs, raves and events all over the world Including; Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Mexico, Chicago, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Miami and New York captivating audiences with his unique blend of Progressive, Electro and House. In Kam’s hometown, some past residencies include clubs like XTRA STRENGTH at CRUSH BAR (Hollywood), KAOS at BLUE (Hollywood), MOVE at GRAND AVE. (Downtown LA) and DELUXE at THE WEST END (Santa Monica) along side other resident DJ’s like Mark Lewis, Haktan O’nal, Sharam Jey and Dave Aude. Kam is also a member of the elite team of resident DJ’s from FUNKY TEKNO TRIBE (SF) along with others like Donald Glaude, DJ Dan and Barry Weaver.

In 1995, Kam established MERCURY LOS ANGELES Clothing and Events. He spent the better part of the 90’s promoting his own events, spinning and participating in the production of Californias largest Clubs, Raves, and Massives with other L.A. promoters such as Flammable Liquid, Double Hit Mickey, Go Ventures, Insomniac, iXL and Danny B. Productions.

In 1997, Kam started producing music at 42nd St. Studios and released his first original track called “Mind Trip” for the Go Ventures New Years Eve compilation CD “Epic ’98”. In 1999, Kam released his second track on Deaf Dog Music (Chicago) called “Inertia” for the compilation CD Act of Faith which included other artists such as Glenn Underground, Lady D, and Halo of H-Foundation. That same year he released his third original track called Thousand and One Nights for the compilation CD California Collective ‘99, which featured live percussions by DJ Reza (LA). Kam’s releases have been featured on numerous compilation CD’s and 12in vinyl singles for various dance labels worldwide. Music production has always been Kam’s ultimate passion. He feels that creating and mixing music allows him to take the listener on an audio journey. His WMC2003 12in vinyl release with COMPUFONIC (Formerly known as Digital Assassins) called “Heartbreaka” gained its recognition by being played by such artists like Ken Jordan of CRYSTAL METHOD, BT (Nettwerk America), Jason Bentley (106.7 KROQ, 89.9 KCRW) and being featured as the official demo song of the 2003 M-AUDIO ProSessions Sampler CD. The track was featured in deminstrations for M-AUDIO at trade shows and the CD was distributed in all new M-AUDIO products worldwide.

In 2003, AUDIO FENG SHUI RECORDINGS was started by Kam and a few good friends. The following year Kam teamed up with Stealth System of IRIDIUM MUSIC to drop a progressive 12in single called “INVISIONS” which was a featured track at WMC2004 in Miami. The worldwide release of his 2006 progressive remix of international singer ANDY has set Kam on a course of remix projects for music featured in Academy Award Winning movies like CRASH and for major labels like SONY MUSIC. Look out for new tracks on and itunes.