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The name Kalm Kaoz is a definitive paradox, and once hearing the music from this electronic music producing duo, the name makes complete sense. The beats created by SlingR and Filby, are a scintillating combination of an intensely chaotic frenzy of power and an inherent undercurrent of joy and optimism.

The two producing DJ’s have been working together for a year to create new and amazing original sounds, beats and drops. The result of this innovation is a unique style that mixes the traditional emotive influence of trance with a theatrical elementof rock n’ roll, all within the purity of the electro genre. The spirit of their music, defined by freedom, release, and inhibition-free happiness, is best experienced live. Whether performing for massive crowds or intimate venues, Kalm Kaoz brings the pulsating audience on an emotional journey, ever ascending, and building until the exulting climax. This potently cathartic musical experience is where Kalm Kaoz derives their name. In the acceptance and celebration of the elegance of chaos, there is an intrinsic ecstasy.

Music has always been a way of life for both SlingR & Filby.

SlingR taught himself the guitar at the tender age of only 9 years old, and though he spent his professional career working on Wall Street, he always felt his passion for music tugging at him. In 2008, SlingR left the fast paced corporate world behind so that he could focus all his attention on the production and study of EDM.

Filby (aka: Motoe Haus), an EDM producer, dj, and songwriter, also began his immersion into music at an early age. Proficient in multiple DAWs and vocal engineering, Filby has produced a massive amount of multiple genre material.

He also founded NiceTie and created the genre hiptronica.

Filby joined forces with SlingR for the sole purpose of forging an entirely new musical style within the EDM genre. Forming Massive Decks, an EDM record label, Kalm Kaoz is poised for a fun ride.

Fortunately for fans of electronic music, this immensely talented group is now finally sharing their music and passion with the world.