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Over the past four years, Ricardo Rojina otherwise known as Kali, has established himself as an important DJ of the electronic music scene in Mexico, having great impact on those who have heard him spin the turntables. With his eclectic and diverse record collection he has forged his own style, converging from progressive-house to elektro, which guarantees to keep his audience dancing all night long. He has also started building a growing reputation in the production of events, under his well known company label: Central Sound; by consistently organizing some of the most memorable parties in the city.

As he continues to build a reputation for himself as distinguished a DJ as producer, his talent has taken him to play in various clubs around the city, alongside international DJs such as: Cris Fortier, Jimmy Van Malagan, James Holden, Moshic, Max Graham, Luke Fair, Dimas, etc. The demand for Kali as a DJ has grown, with the knowledge of his fans, that his DJ skills are equal to his production.

His constant interest for electronic music, in every form, keeps him up to date on the best and most vanguardistic music around the world. Those of us who have had the chance to experience a party with him spinning, have had not only a chance to dance during the entire night with the highest beats, but also to get a preview of the latest music. His presence definitely guarantees quality and entertainment.