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Kai Tracid just arrived from Australia and seams totally stress-less. Even after this long journey and a gig played somewhere in UK on his way back to Frankfurt. Amazing how this guy seams to be just strain-resistant! “Okay”, the 33-year old admits, “to sit thirty hours in an airplane is pretty tough” But who cares? He had so much fun in Australia. Three weeks he had spend on the other site of the world, DJing in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities down under. All shows sold out. “What is there more to want?”

Kai Tracid is flying by the fast lane; Worldwide. As a result of the annual DJ MAG voting, Kai Tracid was just announced to be under the top 50 of worlds best DJs for 2005. While colleagues of the DJ and Producer whine about the techno crises and complain about commercializing, Kai Tracid steps up. Weekends on the decks, weekdays in the studio. For inspiration, he just created some lush Acid Tracks for which he established the label “Acid Files”. This sub label is affiliated to Kai’s independent label “Tracid Traxxx” – one of Germany’s best running vinyl labels, founded in1998.

Since 1995 it’s been that way. In the past the musical autodidact and electronic student, spend hours in front his computer playing with sound. By doing that, he discovered his own formula which made him to the high demanded producer and DJ he is now: Trace + Acid = Tracid. “This is my very own Tracid Traxxx sound – trance music with high party energy” Kai explains. “Until today I can’t sing properly, but I have a strong feeling for the emotionality of music”. And there is another point that distinguishes Kai from others in the scene: “I set high value on ambitious lyrics”. An uncommon statement, especially in the trance genre.

Since 1997 Kai Tracid appears constantly in the German dance charts, which he hit with several number ones. People like Frank Farian build on Kai’s talent in 1995. Platinum – and gold records were the result. Other acknowledgements like the nomination for the VIVA-Comet (1998) and Eins live Krone (2003) followed. What had started out with cheap home equipment, now turned into a high tech audio laboratory.

After Kai Tracid’s music took over Europe in the past years, his sound is now demanded world wide. “Every weekend I’m on tour, often by plane, destination: abroad” he says. Australia, England, USA, Japan, Italy, Russia, Argentina, Turkey, Brasilia.

The dance world seams to listen to Tracid. Hereby Kai Tracid plays club gigs as well as festivals with 35.000 people.

In the scene, the sportive and attractive musician is classified rather shy. Psyched fuss isn’t his style. He’s not into drugs, not into wild looks or crazy haircuts to get attention. “There was never hype around me, like around some of my colleagues. I guess the reason is that I’m real and staid true to myself” Kai Tracid says. And after a pause he adds: “I have my very own style and did it all my own way!”

His own way, that’s important to him. Kai Tracid has his own point of view; not accepting people patronizing him. Right now he’s getting new energy through yoga. “It’s important to take time for yourself, to find your own way and be self-aware”.

Due to his success, he seams to be right: around 50 releases of his Tracid Traxxx Label had been (or still are) in the dance charts. About 100 productions were released by Kai Tracid under his name and pseudonyms. As a DJ he is world wide recommended – more than ever. On top come all the guest performances and interviews at several radio stations and his appearance in the Hollywood-movie “Hey DJ!” What is there more to want? What does he want for his future?

“Produce more music. Something eternal. If I would have the choice, together with my biggest idol William Orbit. Do something creative, that’s joy to me – and others.”