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Kai Jaxx

Berlin, Germany

Hard Dance, Trance

Blutonium Records, Tunnel Records
Kai Jaxx Beatport


Kai Jaxx was born on 7th of August 1977 in Hennigsdorf (near Berlin). Between the 5th and 6th form, he discovers his passion for music. For the first time he gave a school discotheque for the carnival party of his form at the “Albert Schweitzer Comprehensive School” at that time. He worked with two cassette recorders and the legendary “Disco 2000 mixer”, besides he borrows the amplifier of the electronic guitar of his father to reach the adequate sound volume.

Very fast he noticed that being DJ was his task.

With 14 years he met some people with a mobile discotheque, they gave him the chance to learn the craft of DJing in 1991. From that time Kai realized that he want to become a Profi-DJ. With 15 years he made his first Diskotheque at a wedding of a good friend. Slowly but surely he learned to handle with a microphone and developed his abilities as a moderator. He got more and more own acts at parties and meanwhile he build up a little archive about music of the 70s and 80s.

At the age of 17, he became known to his present DJ-Partner Daniel Pacholke (DJ Pepe). Both were working for “Peter’s Studio-Disco”.

A little bit later he noticed that he wants to get on with his abilities. For this reason, in cooperation with Peter Ott the legendary “Crash Club” was founded in the today’s “Beat-Fabrik Marwitz”. The “Crash Club” opened every Friday from 18 till 24 o’clock, to bring the young people together. But in 1997 the building was selled and became the “Beat Fabrik Marwitz”. The “Crash Club” moved to Batzwo but after 4 weeks it was closed.

But Kai didn’t gave up, he wanted to stay in Marwitz and he knew that a good friend fit out the “Beat Fabrik” with light and sound. So he asked him, if there was a chance to get a job. And it works: He became the LightJay and learned how to arrange the light, to program and repair it. Kai was known for his round with techno music every weekend from 4 o’clock in the morning until open end.

Then he met DJ BamBam, who taught him to mix with turntables. They became good friends and together they were an unbeatable team.

In October 1999 he left the “Beat Fabrik” to put the crowd in ecstasy in one of the modernist discotheque Germanys, the “A10 The New World”. But the Discotheque wasn’t open yet, and they had to do a lot of work. But on the 2nd of December 1999 the doors were opened and the hard work was paid. Kai Jaxx get to know to all the “big” people in the DJ-Business, the became friends, for example with DJ Kosmonova. But in June 2001 he left the “New World” because he had to do his compulsory military service.

Kai paused for a while and puts on vinyls at parties, now and then he worked at the “Beat Fabrik”.

In March 2001 he became an offer to work in the biggest Discotheque of Germany, the “Kontrast” in Dahlewitz-Hoppegarten near Berlin. He changed his style of music and became one of the Resident-DJs in the “Technokeller” there, where he still puts on the vinyls today.

In January 2002 Le Brisc (the brother of Kai), DJ Hyper and Kai talked about an own track. Le Brisc is producer at Blutonium Records, so they had good chances to let the dream of an own vinyl release come true. On 27th of May 2002 the Vinyl “Kai Jaxx vs Hyper – Reset Your Mind” was released. A special thanks to Dirk Adamiak who gave us the possibility.

On 10th of we celebrated the Record Release Party at the “Beat Fabrik” And 2 weeks later Kai Jaxx and Hyper presented the Track at “Radio Power 4”. Since then the Vinyl rose up the Music Mail Charts from place 13 to place 4 !!!

In August 2002 Kai played his set at the Blutonium Clubnight on “Radio Welle 1” in Austria, together with DJ Session One they “rocked up the Alps”

At this time, Kai is thinking about his next track !

In 2003 cam the new single he called "Kick that Shit they was at many Compilation around the World !

Kai play this Year his DJ Set at many great Events: Ruhr in Love, Mystery Trance 2, Love Parade, 10 Years Generation Beats and many more ! Open End …