Language: English

I am DJ KABO a 29 year old, male, Egyptian citizen

My previous experience includes 12 years as a DJ.

I have been performing as a DJ in several venues, including



Hotels and Beach Parties.

My hope is to carry on as a DJ. I have a vast knowledge of music, sound systems and DJ equipment including all Pioneer CDJ and Mixers, and computer based DJ programs.

I was also recently winner of the Sharms Got DJs 2015 competition at Soho Square, Sharm El Sheikh. This was judged on an audience vote and I received 1st place.

I started to play Old School, RnB and Pop music from 2000 and

progressed to house music in 2006.

By 2011 I was experimenting with a lot of different music and sounds

and started to play Commercial House and Funky House, which then progressed to Electro House and Club House.

In 2013 I was starting to play at a lot more


and Beach Parties in which I played a lot of genres including the ones mentioned plus Dutch House, EDM, Progressive House and Tech House.

In 2015 I started playing with different styles of Future House, Melodic House, Bounce and Melbourne Bounce.

I always play for the audience and create my playlists to be suitable to the venue and age group of the audience.

Please find my Curriculum Vitae below for a further description of my previous experience. I look forward to hearing from you.



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