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Kaas A.K.A. Ragga Kaas

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hip-Hop, Reggae / Dub

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Born Michiel ter Haar in 1979 in the Dutch city of Dordrecht, the Netherlands, DJ Kaas has had an interest for music ever since he was a little kid. Scratching vinyl on a crappy record player, when he was 8 or 9, was his first encounter with playing music, and a passion was born. In 1991, aged 12, he followed a workshop from a famous House DJ and he learnt the basics of actual mixing and beatmatching. After this it was quiet for a while.

In 1993 he got his hands on his first ‘speed bubbling’ tape by DJ Moortje. Fascinated by the pumping beats of the bubbling riddim he started making his own remix speed bubbling tapes by 1996 and made a name for himself in Dordrecht and surroundings. For a while he created hiphop beats for ‘bleijenhoek posse’ and other local hiphop talents.

After 1999 it became quiet for a couple of years because at this point study and work took most of his time. In the meantime DJ Kaas began to really appreciate dancehall and reggae and in 2001 he started his website on which he released bubbling and dancehall/reggae mixes.

In 2001 he joined Ragga Ragga Sound with whom he played through out the Netherlands. From Leeuwarden, Amsterdam (De Melkweg), Rotterdam (Nighttown, Ramona, Broadway, Easy Café, Baka Jari, etc etc) to Reggae Geel.