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Beyrouth, Lebanon

House, Techno

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After finishing his studies of graphic design and multimedia at a school of visual arts in Paris , Kaa decides in 2001 to launch his Vj & graphic project, the Visual Suspects. Because according to his philosophy the visuals could not exist without the music, they are two elements intimately linked. He assembled his studio in 2004 and began creating music leaning towards electro-oriental sounds with groovy deep melodies in a typical style of his own.

These two musical and graphic projects will be obviously merging together giving: The Kaa. Being among the first to initialize a new and single performance of a DJ and a VJ together, creating the term of DVJ, an audiovisual concept completely synchronized.

Kaa was part of the legendary UK label: Transient Records, promoting him worldwide. After a while he got called to work for Exposure Productions, a Greek label based in Athens . He has recently joined in 2007 Tribal Vision records as Dvj and license manager. Thus he is promoting the music of artists such as Vibrasphere, Tegma, Fitalic, Roman Rai, Sonic Cube, POTS, Duca, Sonify etc? and he keeps on diffusing his audiovisual concept in all kind of events around the world.