K Beatport


With already 15 years dedicated to a great passion for music and mixtures, it was at the age of 14 that he found his motivation to play music when, at a party in a small club, performed during the break of the resident DJ.

From that moment on, that feeling didn’t leave him anymore, and now music means the continuation of his life. After that party, started to take part in parties regularly.

Around 15 years old, he was invited to become resident in a bar, in the same area where he already resided for 2 years, even though by that time he already assumed the control of mixtures in a night schedule, and at the same time continued his studies.

With 16 years and a good deal of parties organized for friends and at school, had the opportunity to work in a real disco. What until then meant work in usual places, like matinees, in the community, or even garages, became a dream come true, a world of dreams, with his entry in the real world of the night.

A new stage began, responsibilities raised and real dreams became attainable. He was resident in QB, La Folie, Europa, Bafureira, 7 mares, among other bars and discos in Lisbon and all across Portugal. Since then, it was a non-stop of residences and parties until 2001, when for personal reasons, decided to leave his nocturnal life.

During this period of time, DJ Pete Kriven (AKA DJ-K) was invited to remix the single “Vocas sabem l”, which was included in a Strauss’ promo. As himself says someone who feels the night once, never forgets it, reason why in the beginning of 2004 he reorganized his bags with vinyl, spending a few months recovering from those 3 years in standby. He set his return at the closing of Discoteca LiFe in Lisbon, performances in Bafureira, parties at universities, and two weeks in Algarve.