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K2-Lopez, aka Christian Zuin, was born in 1986 in Hof and der Saale, Germany and he moved to Italy as he was really young. He’s life as dj starts when he was just 16, working in many club around the north of Italy. His “adventure” as producer started just 2 years after, inspired by many music styles like European electro music, italo-disco and Eurodance. Travelling all around the world, Mexico, Egypt, Italy and Germany finally he stopped in Spain, where he choose his final name as artist “K2-Lopez” and he produced his first Ep “Signs, nights & flights” in January 2012. After that K2-L produced more electro and progressive house Eps in 2012, published and sold by the Portuguese label Lad Publishing & Records, his most important label and partner. At same time he started also to work for another label, Up Finger Records, founded by his biggest mentor and Master Oscar Bardelli. K2-L also remixed famous songs like “Sky and Sand” of Paul Kalkbrenner or “Human” and “A thousand year” of Christina Perri. Actually he divides his year in two parts, in winter he dedicates himself to produce and in spring and summer he mixes in different parties in the Costa Dorada, Spain. For K2-L, 2015 starts with 4 new Eps with some changes in his typical progressive and electro style that brought this artist to find out his “indie dance and nu disco” vein.