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DJ Justine , Asia’s Upcoming Premiere Female Dj | Producer, at 16 years of age carving out a name for herself in the electronic dance music scene. She can be seen Deejaying at private events and parties in her homeland. Dj Justine has found her comfort zone in House and Progressive House music as her genre of choice. She has her own signature style of mixing and producing which is clean and in her own way, giving respect to the individual tracks to let them shine. Her music selection is so far un-matched by dj’s in her age group in her homeland. Dj Justine has defined the meaning “Music Is My Live” and works tirelessly to advance to the next level. 2012 will see the release of her first self produced track as she strives to further elevate her status as an Asian brand name synonymous with high quality clean funky house and progressive house music.

Dj Justine was born and raised in Kuching – Sarawak which is a state in Malaysia. Dj Justine has shown remarkable maturity in her growth and development and has since been recognize by the American media via Ritmo Magazine which is published and has a huge following throughout America. For Dj Justine respecting the craft and artistic value of a dj is paramount and she gives 100% 7 days a week to her craft as she aims to live her dream of becoming an International Sensation. Although her young age is a hindrance to legal procedures that will allow her to perform in clubs at this point in time, Dj Justine is ever hopeful that the world at large will look at her for her talent and not her age.

Dj Justine is currently managed by Dj’s For Asia exclusively and in totality. She is now on a journey to become a professional Dj | Producer amongst the International ranks. For Dj Justine it’s all about creating that euphoric feeling for her audiences and it’s all about the music! Fame and fortune is not what she seeks primarily and when asked what happens if you become famous? Dj Justine said; that means people like my music and I am doing a good job but what is important is that they recognize my talents and skill and also respect the music. Mature as she is Dj Justine takes her craft very seriously. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch Dj Justine who is really all that good when she performs in your city or country.