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This strong shortsighted english is ones of the cornerstones of the club culture. Mod till the bone. He has been promoting clubs since the times of the Acid House.

Mithical clubs like the Most Excellent, where a novice couple called Dust (Chemical) brothers would begin then in the 93. Another of his clubs was The Rebellious Jukebox, which would inspire hundreds. He is also a brilliant musician, prooved with his nickname Lionrock. As Lionrock he´s worked in the soundtrack of the remake “psycho” by Gus Van Sant. For his lps he´s considered responsable of the todays welthiness of the Big Beat or Dance-rock or Brit-hop (as you prefer). As a remixer he has improved the original track many times. He´s worked for Manic Street Preachers, New Order, Erasuse, Happy Mondays, Stereo MC´s, Björk, among others. Pararell to he´s musical side, he began as a DJ, and by now he is really appreciated for this. His sets are a mix of northern soul, dub, reggae, punk, Detroit techno, minimal house. A really eclectical variety which make of him one of the most interesting DJ-Producer-Musician of the scene.