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Justin Patti

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Estocastical Beats
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Biography Justin Patti

Justin Pattiapon aka Justin Patti was born on the 18th of januari 1984 and grew up on the south side of Rotterdam. At the age of 6 he moved to the city of Spijkenisse. As a child Justin Patti grew up with music. Dancing and singing in the front of the mirror was his favorite thing to do.

When he reached the age of 11 he started taking drum lessons. Three years later the owner on the music school suddenly died and Justin Patti was forced to stop taking lessons. Till this day, Justin Patti, still regrets he never continued the drum lessons.

A few years later Justin Patti decided to join the Royal Dutch Navy. There he experienced the beauty of electronic music. Because of his affection for techno he started visiting the biggest parties and festivals. The love for techno was so big that, at the age of 22, he made his first financial investment. He left his parents house and started living on his own in Rotterdam. He got himself a couple of Pioneers and nice dj-mixer.

After a couple of years experimenting with his decks he decided to get into the digital world of Dj-ing. In 2008 Justin Patti got in contact with Noisy aka Noisy Lois! Noisy is a female dj/producer and she learned Justin Patti how to produce. His first EP, in coorporation with Drijfhout, Rockstar and of course Noisy, was released on Spanish minimal label ‘Estocastical Beats’ in July 2009. Besides producing his EP, Justin Patti performed as a dj with Traktor Pro and Xone 4D on several events like:

-Audio Autopsy, Berlin

-Nachtopvang, Rotterdam

-FIP Festival, Amsterdam

-Audio Autopsy, Middelburg

-What Is On Your Mind, Amsterdam

-Club Purple invites… , Arnhem

-Rotterdam Ondergronds Talent, Rotterdam

-Origin Park, Rotterdam

-ChampagNoise, Middelburg

-Ruud invites PanPot, Goes

-ADE Audio Autopsy; Electrotribe labelnight, Flexbar Amsterdam

-Concept, Ahoy Rotterdam

Shortly after his first release he decided to cooperate with Drijfhout and founded ‘Rotterdam Ondergronds Talent’. This concept was founded with the intention to let local talented dj’s play at Bootleg Dj Café Rotterdam, it’s a café where dj’s meet and all the big artists from Rotterdam start their carreer by playing in this café. This concept still expands and many dj’s all across the nation love to come to play at ‘Rotterdam Ondergronds Talent’.